Clinging to Our Stuff


Clinging to Our StuffJessica Kim

“Please silence your phone.” This is a familiar refrain while awaiting your movie to start. So, I reached into my left breast pocket. No phone. The mental gymnastics begins. Where is the phone? Did I leave it somewhere? Do the badguys have it? Are they going through my stuff? Am I being ripped off right now? Meanwhile, the song, Easy like Sunday Morning, is playing in my head. God’s way of telling me, ‘relax, it’s just stuff.’ Uh-huh, but it’s My stuff!

Miracle Moment

Jessica Kim has a house full of miracles. Fear of MS, holes in her daughter’s heart, cleft palate, have all been righted through the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. Chaos has been turned into order.

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