A Coffee Break with the Doctor and Kathy Nemeh – BFL 163


Coffee BreakCoffee Break
Grab your cup of coffee and sit with us. Philip and Elizabeth Keller sit around a table outside a Starbucks with Dr. Issam Nemeh and his wife, Kathy. The conversation jumps around as any time friends gather for a coffee break.

Three songs bubbled up this week in the mind of Philip Keller. All of them seem to involve the USA and its place in the world, and with Christ. Issam Insights involve which direction the US will take in the next election, as well as what decisions will be made by the evil minds that push world events.

Kathy Nemeh is focused on giant media outlets that believe in the miracles… But stumble when it comes to inspiring the world with what goes on here.

Miracle MomentMillie Cambron

The eyesight of Millie Cambron was horrible since suffering a stroke in 2003. With a prayer from Dr. Nemeh, not only has Millie’s vision been restored to normal, but her diabetes sugar numbers were immediately returned to normal as well.

3 thoughts on “A Coffee Break with the Doctor and Kathy Nemeh – BFL 163

  1. God’s timing is perfect, but it is so hard to wait as a human and as a person who wants all people to believe in miracles and feel the love of God! I am so glad to hear that the our country has a majority of Christian people who believe in the power of prayer. There is so much hope in that alone.

  2. My prayers always include Dr.Nemeh and Kathy. The love I have for them and the healings that happen thru them is beyond words. Dana Beagle makes certain I always listen to your current Blind Faith Podcasts. Thank you Philip

  3. I Love you all! Thank you Dr Nemeh for your amazing work and miracles. May God Bless you and your family and Philip and Elizabeth’s family for all of your great works and the many lives you have touched and changed!
    Good luck this week Kathy! Sending prayers your way!
    Sarah Keller Sipe

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