The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ


Dr. Nemeh talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ:

*What did Jesus know and when did he know it?Dr. Issam Nemeh
*When did Lucifer know that Jesus was the Son of God?
*The Shroud – what is Event Horizon?

3 thoughts on “The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

  1. Is it possible for God to grant the gift of faith to others through prayer? I have 4 living children, one of whom is an atheist; he has had the most kind and generous heart throughout his life, but now rejects the existence of God. Can a mother pray that he be given the gift of faith?

    • Joan,
      Yes. God always hears a mother’s prayer. Many of us have gone through long stretches of spiritual emptiness, eventually to have our mother’s prayers answered. Remember too, that the love that your son already possesses, has him on the right path.


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