Do You See Eye to Eye with Our Lady? – BFL 195


do you see eye to eye with our lady

This small rosary of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared out of nowhere. Where it appeared, to whom, and its powerful message is found in this week’s podcast.

The scientifically studied self-portrait of Mary, Mother of Jesus, is credited with the conversion of almost 10 million people wholived in the area we know as Mexico. The image has been preserved for almost 500 years on the inside of a cloak once worn by St. Juan Diego. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, was miraculously created out of an unknown substance. It remains at a constant 98.6°. With modern technology, we now can see actual images on the retinas of Mary. The constellations on Mary’s cloak, are exactly where they would have been the day Mary appeared to Juan Diego in December of 1531.

Let’s not forget that Our Lady of Guadalupe was pregnant. This is where the image and the message of Dr. Issam Nemeh intersect. This is where Revelation, Chapter 12, comes to life. We are nearing the events that will lead to Christ coming back for His church, and the antichrist sitting in the temple, in Jerusalem.

Our Lady of Guadalupe video

Miracle Moment
The ‘halftime’ of a Dr. Nemeh healing service includes real people talking about their real miracle stories. Dr. Patricia Kane (pulmonary fibrosis), Kathy Kuack (lung cancer ), Carole Sutherland (ovarian cancer) and Bob Venzor (terminal prostate cancer), share their stories… and the miracle of a man in need of a lung transplant, being healed when his picture was prayed over.

3 thoughts on “Do You See Eye to Eye with Our Lady? – BFL 195

  1. I was listening to the podcast this week and was surprised to see the picture of the little rosary that Dr. Nemeh found in his pocket. It looked just like the one I had purchased two years ago in the gift shop at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto here in San Antonio,Texas. Not only is there the replica of the grotto but on top is a replica of the Tepeyac Hill where Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared. It a well known pilgrimage shrine here in the Southwest. It would be wonderful of some day Dr. Nemeh would come visit this spiritual place and maybe give a healing service. I am so blessed to have this little rosary I will treasure it always. God bless…

  2. Ask Dr. Nemeh…ln my dream l was looking for holy rose oil then l saw Little Rose St. Therese’s of Lisieux & she healed me. What does that mean when saints appear in your dreams?

  3. Love this episode Philip. I had never heard about the Japanese scientist. Retelling his story has been very inspirational. Our Blessed Mother is “looking at us.” Wow.
    So precious.
    Thank you again for your beautiful ministry
    God bless,

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