Doubting God and Miracles Is Necessary


The starting point for faith is often doubting. It’sDoubting God not a bad place to begin. Doubting God shows that you have an interest. You are not neutral. You have an opinion. Those who doubt the miracles we talk about on these podcasts, come to realize that it’s all true. God help those who seein front of their very own eyes the miracles occurring, but continue to doubt what God can do.

People will often criticize God for allowing the evil happenings or illnesses to continue. Once again, not a bad starting point. It shows that the individual knows that God is perfect and is questioning why imperfect things are still happening. This opens up the conversation to include the ruler of this world, Satan. Until he is completely neutralized, by our following Christ, his influence will continue to be felt.

Often, a person will wonder why they are looking for healing when we are being told to ‘accept’ all that comes our way. These ideas are not in opposition to each other. Our continual prayer to Jesus is ‘complete my being.’ We are praying to be a perfect reflection of God. That includes both our physical and spiritual being. God will certainly delay our healing if he knows that we are capable of attaining a higher spiritual consciousness. It’s a complement. He knows we can become more like his Son.

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