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Issam InsightsIssam Insights Transcript – BFL 203 – Philip Keller with Dr. Issam Nemeh

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Elizabeth: How much can we communicate with people who have passed away? Can they hear us, whether they are in heaven or purgatory or wherever?

Dr. Nemeh: Do you remember the story of Jesus actually telling the disciples about Lazarus, the poor man. Both the rich man and the poor man died. The wealthy man looked up and saw Lazarus, the poor man in the bosom of Abraham. The rich man said, ‘please let me go down and tell my family.’ It answers the question.

Philip: One was in purgatory and one was in heaven. And there was a communication going on between the two.

Dr. Nemeh: Because they could see each other. There is a connection. If people are wishing to communicate with the dead, they are deadly wrong. That’s not how it works, because the Lord allows them to come and assist. That is the heart of our faith as Catholics, actually. There is no disconnection. There is a communion of saints. The Lord then allows family members to come down and assist in critical times. You see? When it comes to the Body of Christ, they can intercede for us. They definitely pray for us.

Philip: To differentiate here, we are not talking about séances and talking to the dead. We are talking about a more heavenly state of mind.

Dr. Nemeh: We have so many beautiful stories about that subject. Many happen in the office. Where family members were sent from heaven and I could see it. And they were interceding and praying. The most impressive is about a lady in her 80’s. Pretty sick. I am praying for her and suddenly I see something golden in the corner of the room, a golden light. And it grows and grows. It became like a small kid about eight years old. A golden kid. He got close to the woman and put his hand on her and she received an instantaneous healing. So I asked her the question if she had an eight-year-old some time in her life. Now, she did not see the boy but she did feel the healing that was happening. Well, she went berserk. She said, ‘yes I had a son who was eight years old when he died. He had cancer. But he was an angel (Saintly) on this earth.’ He was so golden. No wonder I saw him that way in the manifestation. So we have stories like that. They do intercede for family members.

Elizabeth: Speaking of communication, somebody had a dream in which St. Therese healed them. How much do we listen to our dreams? Do you believe this is God directing her and why would He do it this way?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes, like it is written, ‘and the young will have visions and the older will dream dreams.’ What happens when we go to sleep? We disconnect our physical consciousness. And that’s what happens. And we revert back to our spiritual. Your subconscious is spiritual. That is the original spiritual consciousness. So anything you see in dreams has significance, because you are seeing it through your spiritual consciousness. So it is pretty important. I do not underestimate the importance of the visions of dreams. The significance here depends on the particular person. Now, the way I see things is that I can go directly to the Lord Jesus in prayer and I pray to Him and all of that, but my mind is much more than that because I honor the Lord in every single one that belongs to Him. That is why when I pray to the saints, He will honor it even more, so to speak, then praying directly to Him. It reflects a special understanding of the Body of Christ, that you are right where you should be in your vision about the unity that is within the Body of Christ.

Elizabeth: Is that what they mean by the communion of saints?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. That is the significance of the church. That is why he told us that when two or three are sitting in my name, I am going to be between them. It honors that unity. Maybe that is a message for her, to pray to St. Therese. But in attending church, that is why I go. Even though, because of my schedule, I don’t go much. I see the unity in everyone that is attending church. So I honor that. And the Lord honors that. I, and many others, value the church so highly that we see the necessity to give back and support it as a central institution in the community. Many churches are coming round to implementing things like this text in church giving platform that allows people to make digital donations to their churches and support them going into the future.

Philip: People are going to think that you’re not a very good Catholic Issam, missing mass. But they have no idea of the schedule that you keep.

Dr. Nemeh: Like I tell everyone, the Lord made it very easy for me. Because all day long and all night long, what am I doing? I am praying to the Lord for the healing of others. So, to tell you the truth, I am spending the majority of my time, praying. I would say at least 90% of my life, I am in prayer. Having people come to me and asking me for help. My focus is on that. That is a great blessing. I mean look how easy the Lord made it for me. Otherwise, I would probably be driven to more difficulty when it comes to my focus.

Philip: Someone had a similar email about angels. Someone was having dreams of angels. The same holds true though, right? If someone dreams of angels being drawn to them, is that the same idea?

Dr. Nemeh: Same idea. Yes. I honor the dreams, especially if you are praying and all of that.

Philip: Somebody mentioned a near-death experience. They were taken to heaven and they saw a gathering of angels and people. They were connected to someone on earth who was praying for somebody else. The individual on earth was asking for the heavenly bodies to intercede for somebody else. It spoke very loudly that when we are praying to heavenly beings to help us intercede for someone else, it is an event in heaven. They want this kind of involvement, right?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes, of course. When you are praying for somebody, you become the gateway, the gateway for that spirit to manifest. So, if you are praying to those angels and saints for their intercession, you are actually including them in the act. Without that intermediary prayer of yours, they won’t have the opportunity to have the experience. You see? That is why we talk about angels hovering around the believers. It is because of that fact.

Philip: We are including them in the process?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. Look at that mystery in there. No wonder they come around you and even communicate with you, as you bring them so much joy. You bring back that original experience of theirs. They want to be part of it all, and without you, they cannot be.

Elizabeth: So someone was asking, what about praying for circumstances to change, like getting a job, or a better relationship.

Dr. Nemeh: I pray for the circumstances to change with one thing in mind, if the change they are praying for will fit within the better experience to connect them more closely to the Lord. Then yes, my prayer will be answered, whether that is a job or whatever. Otherwise, it will not be answered. So it depends on the intention of the job that they are praying for. If I am thinking about a job and I have in mind to serve the Lord and the people then definitely the Lord is going to answer me. But if that job you are praying for does not fit the predestined way for you, then it is going to fail. So, if I am asking for worldly things? Of course not. Do I pray with that in mind, I always do. People always ask me about those things. And I am able to recognize whether the prayer is being answered or not. So I can uncover the intention.

Philip: Really?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes I can. I get a message back.

Elizabeth: Well, as long as we are talking about prayers, is there any specific prayer for anyone to say to bring an atheist to Christ?

Dr. Nemeh: Again, what I pray is the basic thing. I ask the Holy Spirit to come. That is the major thing that I do. Now when it comes to those atheists, I depend on what God communicates to me because the personalities are very complex. Every human being has such a blockage that could prevent their minds from delving deeper into the spiritual part of their lives. But those things are revealed to me. My prayer is such that the Lord communicates their needs to me.

Elizabeth: What about us? What do we pray?

Dr. Nemeh: I pray to the Holy Spirit. In order for you to pray for people like that, you need to have the Holy Spirit in you. So, I pray for the Holy Spirit to dwell within me. I pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten me first.

Philip: What do we need to be enlightened with?

Dr. Nemeh: When I ask the Holy Spirit to come and dwell within me, I am surrendering my life completely to the Lord and He will communicate fully within me and things will be revealed in detail. I then can feel the state of mind that they are in.

Philip: Do I need to know something as I pray for an atheist?

Dr. Nemeh: Things will be revealed. It will be communicated.

Philip: And what does all of that do to serve the purpose?

Dr. Nemeh: I am able to change the atheist mind. Like it says in scripture, ‘and the spirit goes between the bone in the marrow.’ Remember that?

Philip: No I don’t. Those are words that have not rung with me.

Dr. Nemeh: So the Holy Spirit reveals everything, the needs and all of that. And because you have the indwelling within you of the Holy Spirit, it will communicate the right need, and sometimes the right things to talk about to shift their mind away from where they are and redirected. And, I experience that a lot. Especially with people who have doubts.

Philip: That is an amazing God.

Dr. Nemeh: It is. It is a different kind of consciousness. What happens there, whether through questions you ask them to direct them the right way, to where you want them to be. And you reach a point in their consciousness, they have to make up their mind. Or, they completely reject you and become your enemy.

Philip: You are brilliant at how you ask questions. Because some people just get in people’s faces. You don’t go there.

Dr. Nemeh: You have to be very mild. You have to be very mild to find the moment. I am not using my mind. I am focusing only on saving their souls. And that is what I have in mind. And I am so open in those moments that God reveals changes, second by second. Changes in their mind are communicated to me. So I know I am directed by God. I have to allow the spirit first to dwell within me in order for me to intercede for somebody else. In this case, the atheist. This way I am communicating what it is the spirit wants me to communicate. I am not just praying for them but communicating what needs to be communicated. So a lot of people do pray. I do hear that from a lot of people. Prayer is very important but it is different when you have the spirit already in you. So our focus as Christians should be for the Holy Spirit to fully dwell in us. And that is my prayer for everybody that I pray for, repeatedly, over and over. I pray to the spirit for my surrender. And then, I pray for the people.

Elizabeth: Next question. Is fasting a form of prayer?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. When you are fasting, what do you do? You are depriving your ego of things. Automatically when you are disconnecting yourself from physical things, you gain more of your spiritual part. That is what fasting is all about.

Philip: Is it as powerful as some say it is?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes it is. It is very powerful, because you become less physical during the time of fasting. In fasting, we are depriving our physical wants. And fasting is not only from food, it is from bad thoughts and drives. Anything that could disconnect you from your physical being will revert you automatically back to your spiritual part. That is why fasting is very, very, powerful.

Philip: And to follow that up, some people go on retreats for that reason. They will go out into the desert to just go away. Is that fasting?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. We are fasting from the world. Those moments are good. Of course, there are degrees of that, depending on the person. What kind of intention that person has. Someone could go on a retreat but their mind is still not where it should be, with bad thoughts and such. In which case, it amounts to nothing.

Elizabeth: Does our personal faith save loved ones who may be lukewarm, but goodhearted?

Dr. Nemeh: The Lord does bless them through our prayers. ‘I am going to bless you and everyone around you’ is what He told us, even the lukewarm, even if family members are complete atheists. We have beautiful stories, where the kids had ventured completely into the world and become atheists, and the prayers of their parents or siblings made a difference, overnight. I have a lot of stories like that.

Philip: Somebody else was asking about generational sins. Is that an Old Testament thing?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. That is Old Testament. It was wiped out by Christ. And a lot of Christians do talk about that kind of thing. It upsets me, especially when Christians are talking about generational things, because it does not apply.

Elizabeth: Can a person be healed even if they are not interested in receiving the healing?

Philip: We know that by the healings we hear when pictures are prayed over. They were not asking for healing but they got one anyway.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. They received the healing anyway. Again, when we are praying for someone they receive it, even atheists. We talk about this again and again, but deep inside, so many atheists have beautiful qualities. The Lord will heal them even if they are not thinking about the Lord healing them.

Philip: We have talked before about how an atheist will come into the office and they will tell you that they don’t believe in God because a good God would not allow all these horrible things to happen in the world. So they are upset for the right reason. There are things that are wrong in the world. What they don’t understand is that the evil of this world has a source, the devil, the ruler of this world. There is a source for good and there is a source for the evil. The atheists just don’t have that mindset.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. There is a prince of this world. So they are excused. They are just not oriented.

Elizabeth: Have there been healings from mental illness? Is it something physical or spiritual that went awry?

Dr. Nemeh: In the great majority of the cases, the mental illness is a symptom, a physical ailment. And, it’s the great majority, if not all of them. So, if there is a mental issue it is always related to some physical condition, an injury or something like that, something that applies to the physical nervous system. It could be in the brain or the blood flow to the brain which could drop the serotonin levels. It is fixable. Everyone I have treated has recovered: Bipolar, severe clinical depression, schizophrenic.

Elizabeth: Even those who were born with this?

Dr. Nemeh: Nobody is born with it. There is an injury, many times during birth.

Philip: Is there ever a bad spirit involved in this?

Dr. Nemeh: When you are like this, you become vulnerable to the influences of beings that belong to this world. Just influence. Not a possession, just an influence, because you become less spiritual when you are depressed. So feeling sorry about yourself involves a lot of personal reactions that are related only to the physical being. So the more connected you are to the world the more vulnerable you are to powers and principalities that rule here. It does not mean possession. Influence.

Philip: That’s actually very hopeful, Issam. It is reversible.

Dr. Nemeh: Everything is reversible, Philip.

Philip: I’ve heard that. (Laughter) But we don’t get a lot of those stories because it is such a personal issue for so many. The episode where Lynn Becker was talking about the picture you prayed over of the girl that was on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She was schizophrenic and you prayed over the picture and a great amount of that schizophrenia was reversed. All things are possible.

Dr. Nemeh: Even genetic diseases.

Philip: Oh, we know those stories as well.

Dr. Nemeh: Even when organs are not there.

Philip: You just had one of those. Talk about the ear one.

Dr. Nemeh: The ear one. A guy came in with muscular skeletal neurological problems and he had had his inner ear removed because of an infection. So the ear was not there since age 12. And he made a complete recovery of his hearing.

Philip: He hears without having the organ.

Elizabeth: Or, the girl who could see without the pupil.

Dr. Nemeh: Or, the girl who came from Florida with a heart failure. She was blind. Her retinas were destroyed. She recovered her site back to 20/20 vision. And when she went to the ophthalmologist, still the retina was destroyed but her vision was 20/20.

Philip: Or, the woman down in Dublin, Ohio, who had the cataracts, but could still see the eye chart perfectly. Crazy time.

Dr. Nemeh: So, it tells you who we are really. We are way more than our bodies. Way more.

Elizabeth: How does somebody live out their predestination when they feel like they never received their calling or they missed whatever their calling was?

Dr. Nemeh: How can they live out there predestination if they have not given themselves to the Lord? Because the only predestination that we have, is in the Lord Jesus. So, if you do not offer yourself to the Lord, then you will not be living out your predestination.

Philip: And you can join predestination already in progress right? Because I certainly was not living my predestined life prior to walking into your office. So God will change things around when we surrender to the Lord.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes, exactly, depending on your degree of joining. Things will succeed or fail. If you have 20% left then the 20% will fail.

Elizabeth: And, God will put a serious redirect in the middle of your path and slap you upside the face or whatever. (Pause) So here is a kind of serious question. Somebody said that her husband wants a divorce. She does not. So she is asking Kathy and the doctor what they suggest she do next.

Kathy Nemeh: How much is he worth? And then I’ll direct her. (Laughter) The doctor’s rolling his eyes at me right now.

Philip: You’ve got to have a little levity now and then.

Kathy Nemeh: Take him to the cleaners! (Laughter)

Dr. Nemeh: Well, it depends on the level of your faith and how you regard the marriage in general. I mean, if he doesn’t want it, I am still going to go to the Lord and pray for him. I’d pray for him. And I will tell you that many times those prayers have saved marriages. Just by telling them that.

Elizabeth: Alright, so here is a kind of serious question. Somebody said that her husband wants a divorce, she does not. So she is asking Kathy and Doctor what would you guys suggest she do next or where does she go from here?

Philip: don’t you just love those personal questions? Like, crawl into someone’s marriage and figure this out. It’s tough though, when one wants and one doesn’t. That’s tough.

Kathy: How much is he worth first? Then, I’ll direct her. Issam is looking at me like, “here she goes…”

Philip: We gotta have a little levity

Kathy: Take him to the cleaners!

Dr. Nemeh: Well, it depends on your faith, and how you regard the marriage in general. I mean, he doesn’t want it, I’ll still go the Lord, I pray for him. I pray for him. And to tell you the truth, I’ve had those, over the years, that they saved the marriage. It saved their marriages, just by telling them that.

Philip: You’ve also said before marriage, I don’t know if you’ve ever said this with marriage, but before marriage, somebody leaves, and you said, so? You got hurt, that’s your ego, whoa is me. That’s ego. Someone doesn’t want to be with you, have a nice day. That’s kind of your mental state. Now within a marriage, depending if there are kids or not, I would assume that directs your answer to that as well. Right? If you have kids, you’re in it. Right?

Dr. Nemeh: Of course. So you pray for it, and if, I mean you have to have the faith again. You pray for it, and if it doesn’t happen it means the Lord’s will is in it. You see, when I have that kind of faith and I’m praying for something like this, to save the marriage for example, and still that husband will leave, then I see God’s will in it. Otherwise, the Lord will force him and will change him.

Philip: Ok, and once again, levels of faith. You don’t condemn anybody for whatever.

Dr. Nemeh: It depends on their levels of faith.

Philip: What about this one? There was an email from a woman who had ovarian cancer, bounced back. She has the one, what’s the one where all the organs get wrapped around? Starts with an “E”, endometriosis? Endometriosis, on part of the ovary. I mean she was up against everything. And they’re looking at all kinds of medical things in vitro, everything, she wants to have kids. At what point do you say, “maybe that’s not God’s plan for you?” Do you keep trying? How do you know? Because a lot of people who want kids go through this, when do you accept that it’s not in the works? How do you know that?

Dr. Nemeh: We’ve had those cases. They’re not supposed to have any kids. And they had the kids.

Philip: Lots of them. You’ve had lots of those.

Dr. Nemeh: And a lot of those cases, so again, I cannot give up on anyone. So, from what I see, everything is possible. There is no impossibility. The only thing that plays a role is where they are. So, their state of mind is what dictates whether they will be fully healed or not. Ok?

Philip: By the way, she plans on coming to see you so you’ll be hearing the story in person.

Dr. Nemeh: Well, come with faith. You know. Even sometimes having the right intention, I don’t even have to treat you. And how many people get the healing before even coming into the room? Many of them.

Elizabeth: You want to turn to the Church? There’s a bunch of questions here. The Delaware state house of representatives will be voting on a bill that will remove all restrictions on abortion. I don’t understand Dr. Nemeh’s position on the legality of this. Isn’t putting our faith into action protecting the unborn through government intervention?

Philip: This had to do with the episode where you said government should stay out of this.

Dr. Nemeh: I will pose another question answering that question. Does God interfere with us on making a decision to have an abortion, or not? Who are we to impose even laws that could restrict and claim that we are protecting life. Now if you want to protect life, you don’t only prevent the abortion from happening, you protect life even after it’s birth. You see? So the approach is completely defective and it is not Godly, even though it is preventing. Because, who am I to tell you what to do anyway? God, the Almighty One does not interfere. He leaves it up to us.

Philip: And that is different, because you talk about how you need to put your faith into action, but that is not an action that you see as Godly?

Dr. Nemeh: Exactly. Who am I to impose myself upon you? I don’t. Because the Lord does not.

Elizabeth: Are you saying God should be enough? We should know right from wrong?

Philip: And, we should be enlightening others, we should be enlightening.

Dr. Nemeh: Enlightening, yes. But to impose laws to restrict you? No. I do not agree with that even though it is protecting life, right. You know. So here, sit down and impose laws and punishments and you name it upon the people. So, if you want to address the whole pro-life issue, you cannot leave anything out. So, if you want to prevent the abortions from happening, you better have a plan and support to support that child that is born until it is an adult. And where are those programs in here? I don’t see any. So, who are those criminals? The lawmakers, that they are claiming that they are protecting life. Who are they to vote on or against? The Lord never imposed himself upon anybody. It has to be based upon the free will. But for us, as Christians, our job is to enlighten people and explain the reason behind life. And that’s what we have been doing with the podcast.

Elizabeth: Alright, so staying with the Church, Dr. Nemeh you mentioned about the huge controversy that is building within the church and the upcoming church split. What will this do to actual church-going? I’m picturing some very confused congregations who are not sure whether or not to go to church.

Dr. Nemeh: Ok. A lot of people will say, if you do not go to church, then you will not go to heaven. Which is not true, because the real worship is when you personally have an interrelationship with the Lord. Going to church is to honor the unity that is within the Son of God. That is what going to church is all about. Now, there is a great defect when it comes to the church in general. You cannot just put yourself in a place where you are the only intermediary between the people and the Lord Jesus. This is the old dispensation. That’s not Christianity, by the way. It is not Christianity. It is the Old Testament. They used to go the high priest, or whatever, to offer the sacrifice for the forgiveness of those sins. My Lord already offered the whole sacrifice. I don’t need to go to that priest in order for me to have a contact with the Lord. You see?

There is a huge defect when it comes to that view. The Lord Jesus is the only high priest, and there is no intermediary, except if those people have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them. And it will be very clear cut when you have the Holy Spirit driving you. If those priests have the Holy Spirit in them, yes, they become an intermediary between me and the Lord. But, they don’t have the Holy Spirit in them, then they don’t belong at all. And show me how many in that church, how many priests have the Holy Spirit in them. Claiming it in their mind? I don’t see the evidence of that present in them.

Elizabeth: What would it look like if there was evidence of them having the Holy Spirit?

Dr. Nemeh: Was evidence? Yes, the intermediary. They intercede for everyone that comes to them. They become a point of contact. I mean, that’s what your prayer is all about. When you pray for people that are in need. You see, there is a defect in there. There is some weakness. You don’t need to go directly to Jesus, you come to me. Is that what they are trying to say?

Philip: In the congregation, if you have The Spirit in you, you know whether or not the guy up front, or the woman up front, has it in them.

Dr. Nemeh: Exactly.

Philip: You know.

Dr. Nemeh: Because it is a binding Spirit and it reveals that part to everyone. You know.

Philip: So, once again, going back to that prayer, “Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus;” into me first. Into me first, then I understand where I am.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. Exactly.

Philip: It’s got to get into us first.

Dr. Nemeh: There is a defect. The enemy infiltrated the Church. But again, not to be confused: You have the Holy Spirit, let’s say as a priest. Then, yeah, you’ll become the portal, the gateway to the Lord. You will become the point of contact. You facilitate that. That’s when you pray and you have the Holy Spirit in you, you pray over people, and then the Holy Spirit comes into the people. Then their faith is honored and the Lord dwells in them. But, where is that priesthood? But again, not to be confused. I am repeating myself. You have the Holy Spirit in you, as a pastor, or whatever, then yes, you become the intermediary between you and the people. So you facilitate the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in other people when you pray over them. And that is what the apostles did, at the beginning, praying over other people, the Holy Spirit came into them and all of that. I am not downplaying the importance of that office. But here, when I look at what is happening within the Church. You have wicked people. How could wicked priests, actually, intercede for me? And they claim, “I am the only way between you and the Lord.” What is it, a joke? God is not a joke.

Elizabeth: Ego? Is that where the ego is coming in?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. Exactly. And this is the bad behavior I have been witnessing. Here you come in as a lay, or whatever they call you, and you have the Holy Spirit in you. The first thing they show is disrespect for you. Because they are fed the wrong idea to begin with about who they are. You see? There is a misunderstanding in there about the priesthood. And that is a weakness, actually, in our church today. They created a divide between priest and the other people. And there is no divide whatsoever. Actually, calling people lay is a great sin. And I regard it as a sin directly against the Lord.

Elizabeth: So it should be more of a community. Like what we talked about before.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes, the priest that has a connection with the Lord will be the servant of everybody. I mean, look at the apostle Paul, let’s say. During a service, one of the people had The Holy Spirit in them, took the belt of St. Paul, bound his hand with it, and he said to the owner of this, The Spirit tells you if you go to Jerusalem, you are gonna be bound like that. Look at the concept. The apostle, getting the message, from a regular one that was in the church. And that’s a real church.

Philip: And I want people to understand the honestly in you, that you would say, look at the beauty of our Catholic faith…look at the ugliness in our Church…You just speak the truth Issam, you just speak the truth. You know The Eucharist is Jesus. You know not every priest is filled with The Holy Spirit. You know what the purpose of the Church is. These are just the facts. You’re not trying to cloud anything here. You’re not trying to cover anything. You’re not an apologist for anybody. It just is. This is what it is right now.

Dr. Nemeh: And look at the beauty of the Lord washing the feet of the apostles. What are they, sitting on thrones? And putting gold on their heads? Come on. I mean, my Lord. Is that who Jesus is? They are sitting on trillions of dollars. And you have Christians, Christian kids, roaming the streets, dying from hunger right now, all over. Is that who Jesus is?

Philip: It’s not right.

Elizabeth: Alright, we are getting towards the end of this long line of questioning. But, one of the questions was, is there a biblical reference to the matching that you talk about?

Dr. Nemeh: Biblical reference, we presented so much of that. I mean, look at Revelation, saying what is the number? You know, what is that number mentioned in Revelation?

Philip: It’s interesting, different bibles say it different ways. Mine, I think says “not until the roles are complete, will I get my vengeance,” basically.

Dr. Nemeh: So what is the difference between when the roles are complete and the number?

Philip: There is a number. There is a number there!

Dr. Nemeh: Of course, there is a number. There is a number that matches the number of the fallen ones.

Philip: I’m still surprised, though, that you are the bearer of that information. You seem to be out there by yourself. Not that you are wrong. I don’t believe that you are wrong at all. When you say it, it’s poetic. Its poetic, the matching, that we are taking out the angels one at a time. It just makes all the sense in the world. Pick up your cross and follow me, St. Paul saying I complete with my body what is lacking in the cross.

Dr. Nemeh: Not only this, it explains a lot of things that are not directly related in a sense. Why is there anonymity between those powers and principalities and every Christian?

Philip: Why do they hate us?

Dr. Nemeh: Because we are blocking their minds.

Philip: Otherwise, there is no reason for them to want our souls.

Dr. Nemeh: We are blocking, we are weakening them, every one of us who surrenders to the Lord. They get weaker and weaker.

Philip: I posed that question to somebody; I said “Why else do they hate us? Why else do they want our soul?” What do they get for us? They get an attaboy? A hundred dollar check? And he said, you know, it just shows their hatred for God. A bunch of nonsense.

Dr. Nemeh: Nonsense. We are part of their world.

Philip: It makes no sense. Because if evil is all about ego, it’s all about me. Then I’m either gaining something by getting your soul, or I’m not losing something. There is nothing in between.

Dr. Nemeh: There are so many, many, many things…it explains everything. It explains the human case. It explains the sacrifice of our Lord. Why should God, The Almighty One, the Son who created everything, become a human being and suffer its consequences? I mean, just simple logic, just common sense.

Philip: I mean, the other thing that you really bring to mind, and I know in the mass it will often say, if you listen for it, on occasional masses, it’ll often say, You came to reconcile everything. And that is something that isn’t talked about much. We hear about saving our souls, and yadda, yadda, yadda… But, in terms of reconciling everything, it means everything, not just us.

Dr. Nemeh: The other part is, it says after everything is done, the number and everything is complete, then the Son of God will surrender everything back to the Father at the end of the thousand years. So, it’s not complete yet. It’s not complete. Because when this happens, there will be no evil whatsoever. As a matter of fact, there is an even deeper mystery that is very hard for people to understand that is revealed to us. I recognize even the change within the Trinity itself. There will be, like it says, within God the Father the possibility of good and evil, within God the Son the possibility of good and evil because of the infinity, right? But after this is done, there will be no possibility, whatsoever, of any evil being in existence anymore, after that experience. You see, because here, creation came into being, it was a new experience within the Trinity. When the Father communicated His mind, and things came into being within the Son, and the Son was quite still. But here, look what happened, the Son, sitting on the right hand of the Father; He is not waiting anymore for the Father to communicate anything to Him. You see? Perfection. No evil whatsoever forever and ever. That’s one of the mysteries. The Lord revealed that to me.

Elizabeth: Once the matching is done, then we go into the thousand years?

Dr. Nemeh: The thousand years for the saving of souls that are lingering, that have no knowledge of good, and then they will have the opportunity to have the knowledge of good. But at the same time, the evil will be blocked, which means the consciousness, or the knowledge of evil they have learned during their lifetime will be blocked and they will have amnesia about it during that time. So, here they will experience the perfection, in a physical way, that why it’s a utopian age. They won’t experience any death or anything. They’ll revert back to where Adam was, actually, at the beginning, no death. They will live a thousand years. It’s a matter of just saving the human souls because God will give the opportunity for everyone who never had the chance even to have the knowledge of good. Otherwise, He wouldn’t be able to sentence them. You see?

Philip: Here is where you talk about reincarnation. This is the one area in Christianity where those who have lived before, who didn’t get this the first time around, are brought back.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes, they are brought back.

Philip: And these are the people now who are in temporary hell?

Dr. Nemeh: Temporary hell is here, on this earth.

Philip: Right.

Dr. Nemeh: They are roaming all other.

Philip: Those ghosts that we talk about.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes

Philip: Those ghosts that we talk about, you know, people see ghosts and whatnot.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes

Philip: That’s who you are talking about being brought back.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. And there will be knowledge of good. And like it is written in Revelation, then evil will be released for only a short period of time. Then, that knowledge of good and evil will be complete in the minds of those. And they will be challenged with something, just like the angels were. And they will have to make up their minds. The final act. And like it is written, if it were not for the mercy of God, even then, shortening the time of that temptation, in there, no soul would be saved.

Philip: Why do you think it is, and I think this is one of the upcoming questions, but I’ll ask it early, in a way, here. Somebody, a Catholic, said, “You know the Catholics don’t believe in rapture and all those kinds of things.” And I sent an email saying, “What is the Catholic view on the end?” And I didn’t get an answer. Because I think most people, I’m not sure if there is an answer, they don’t know where it is?

Dr. Nemeh: I mean it’s very clear-cut for all of us.

Philip: Do you know what the Catholic view is though?

Dr. Nemeh: What is the parable of the ten?

Philip: The virgins, and the oil, and all of that.

Dr. Nemeh: You know, some of them did not keep their vigil, which means maintaining the faith, and all of that.

Philip: One will be taken; one will be left in the field…

Dr. Nemeh: You know, and they came back and it was done. What is that? What is the Lord trying to tell us, the wedding feast of the lamb? This was not the end of the world. Very clear-cut, I mean it’s very very clear cut in many passages in the New Testament.

Philip: Not only that, it talks about meeting Christ in the air. It doesn’t say here.

Dr. Nemeh: In the air. St. Paul was very clear-cut about it.

Philip: So what did the Catholics miss? We’ve had the great theologians. We’ve had popes, we’ve had bishops. Well, tell me. What is it that they believe, that they don’t get the things that were written?

Dr. Nemeh: Well, I think that evil infiltrated the Church in such a way, confused the heck out of our understanding. They completely eradicated the thousand years even though it is part of Revelation.

Philip: It says the millennium. It’s in there.

Dr. Nemeh: But in the Catholic church they do not recognize the millennium.

Philip: Crazy.

Dr. Nemeh: They do not recognize the millennium. Maybe because the lack of knowledge does not reveal to them that God will have mercy on all human souls that were created. God allowed the fall of Adam and Eve in order for the Son to have access to this fallen world so that He can block the evil that is present within Him, His own being. So He allowed the fall to happen, otherwise, He wouldn’t have any access as a human being to this physical world so that He can block the mind of the evil one. So that Lord that allowed that fall, at the same time, right from the beginning, from Genesis, gave a promise of salvation. What is that? You see, the angels, He never had any mercy on them. That’s it. He sentenced them, forever. How come after the fall of Adam and Eve He did not sentence them forever? He left them with a promise. You see?

Philip: Yes, He did.

Dr. Nemeh: Because the fall served a purpose. You see? That allowed the Lord (Jesus) to become part of this world, and allowed those humans being too. This means the Christians that belong to the body of Christ, are part of the matching and blocking of the evil mind that is within him, and preventing it from manifesting in a defective way. Therefore, preventing them from reflecting the mind of the Father in a perfect way. The whole thing is about that. You know. So this should explain everything to everybody. The ones who are not inspired they will never be able to understand what we are saying. The ones that belong to the Lord Jesus will understand every word we are saying.

Philip: Even if they have to listen a couple times, because it is poetically beautiful. It is perfect, God’s plan.

Elizabeth: So, they want to know if Jesus is coming for his Church in September?

Dr. Nemeh: They better not say any of that. The Lord was pretty clear-cut. I mean, we know the season, but nobody knows the time. Again, because that event is a variable. It depends on us Christians, by the way. As a matter of fact, we are the ones who, as a bulk, decide about that moment in time. So it’s a variable. It’s not a set thing that will be happening.

Philip: [They say] hundred years of Fatima, has to be a connection. But we are in the season.

Dr. Nemeh: But we, as Christians, are the ones who decide about how long this age of the Church will be. We are responsible, not God.

Philip: We can speed it up or slow it down.

Dr. Nemeh: We can speed it up, or slow it down.

Philip: Anything else?

Elizabeth: No, I think that’s pretty much it. There’s just stuff about writing a book.

Philip: Oh yeah, someone wants you to write a book about vitamins. What to take, what not to take. What’s the good food, the bad food.

Kathy: Tell them A thru Z. Take one of each every day and you’ll feel great!

Dr. Nemeh: I’ll leave that to the experts. I’m not an expert on that. I hope we didn’t confuse the people more by answering those questions.

Philip: Do you think you need to restate anything?

Dr. Nemeh: No, no I don’t need to restate anything.

Philip: I think if they get it, they get it.

Dr. Nemeh: Actually, they got an incredible revelation today.

Philip: About the end, end?

Dr. Nemeh: No about the Son and the Father.

Philip: Yeah?

Dr. Nemeh: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I thought it was threaded together perfectly. It all made sense.

Dr. Nemeh: I’m not talking about using my own logic. It’s the Holy Spirit inspiring me. I don’t even think about it, physically speaking, to tell you the truth. It is the Spirit inspiring.

Philip: That is obvious.

Elizabeth: I have witnessed that. I have seen that. Because there are many times when we do the healing services, you’ll go, I don’t have anything to say. Then, you’ll get up there, and it’s just like, you’re on autopilot.

Dr. Nemeh: The same thing is applying right now. I don’t think about anything. The Lord, it’s His reason, it’s His word.

Elizabeth: What they need to hear?

Dr. Nemeh: Yeah, so I’m not playing any role in here.

Philip: You what’s cool? Is that when this global examination of conscience and outpouring of the Holy Spirit happens, we all become “Issam-ish.” We all have that clarity and that fullness of the Holy Spirit. It’s all coming to us, to the believers, even if you have a little bit.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. A little bit is a lot. The mustard seed, do you remember?

Philip: That just came to my mind too.

Dr. Nemeh: I mean look how powerful it is. The Lord is trying to tell us something. Even a little tiny bit, but being truthful about it, will bring the fullness to us.

Philip: Now, for Kathy, we come here with Kathy because Kathy doesn’t care about any of this stuff. But she usually has a story. Last time, it was about getting airline tickets for your mom.

Kathy: Oh that was a good story. Oh I have a good story this time. I forgot this one.

Philip: Ok, you ready? Go ahead.

Kathy: Ok, so the kids and I, and some family members, were at a big event, about a month ago. And, we had one row all the way across. There were about twelve of us. And we were packed like sardines. There had to be a couple thousand people in this auditorium. And, its stadium seating, uncomfortable chairs. You know, the folding chairs you’re sitting on. Literally you can feel the people behind you breathing down your neck, that’s how tight it was. I had one of my daughters sitting to the right, and another daughter to my left, and I felt someone. Do you ever feel someone looking over your shoulder? And of course, I’m so bored at this event, I’m texting, I’m answering emails the whole time. I’m trying to pay attention to what’s going on. So Fadia whispers in my ear in Arabic. And I went, “Oh.” So, the guy behind me is reading all my texts. Like – He is paying attention to your phone. And I thought, am I gonna have fun with this. So I take the phone and I put it down a little further where he couldn’t see what I was texting. So I was texting one of my cousins who is as mischievous as I am. And I said, “Follow my lead.” And I texted her, “there is this guy behind me and he is reading all my texts”. She said, “oh, let’s have some fun”. I said, “We have a healing service coming up soon, and we’re going to have a very special guest there”. And she goes, “Oh my God, who?’ And I said, “Well, I can’t reveal it, I don’t want it to get out in public because it could be crazy if they find out who’s coming”. And she said there are so many healings going on, and so many miracles. I said, “I know, it’s truly incredible”. And then, she started testing of a new miracle she heard. And I said, “it’s so humbling to be part of this”. She said, “Can’t you just give me a hint?” And I said “Well, he is from Rome, from the Vatican.” And this guy is getting closer and closer to me. He is almost falling into my lap. And she said, “When it is going to happen? Will you tell me?” I said, “You have to promise not to tell a soul”. She said, “Ok, Ok. Who is it? A cardinal?” I’m like, “No, it’s not a cardinal, better than that”. And she goes, “You’re kidding me, right?” I said, “No, Pope Francis is coming to see Issam”. I was dying. This guy, then I could start to hear the whispering down, cause his family is with him. And now they are all kind of leaning in. And I thought, ok. I’m gonna keep going. And I said, “I will let you know, because it’s going to be private.” And all I said was Issam. I didn’t say Dr. Nemeh. I just said, I’m setting this up, but I will be sure that you are part of it. And she said, “How are you gonna do this?” I said, “Flying in on a private jet, we are setting it up now with the Vatican, and it’s really gonna happen August 15th”. She said, “Oh my God, that’s the feast of the assumption.” I said, “Yes it is”. I said, “Now I suggest you get here at least a week before in case it does get out, because there’s gonna be traffic jams.” We are back and forth, back and forth. By the end of this whole conversation, the event is almost over, at the end of my texting back and forth, I put in real big caps to the guy behind me, “GOTCHA. DIDN’T I?” Oh my God. I was, and then I just turned around and looked at him. He just gave me this glare, like, are you kidding me right now? I said, “That’s what you get.” I had the best time.

Philip: You have a mischievous soul.

Kathy: He earned it!

Philip: Oh, he did earn it!

Kathy: He earned it. It was fun, I was having fun.

Elizabeth: I’m surprised he didn’t do a somersault into your lap.

Philip: Now, this podcast lands Tuesday morning.

Kathy: OK.

Philip: The final facebook question that you did not read, had to do with, last year, when the Cleveland Cavaliers were down 3 games to 1 to Golden State. And, fought back, and Dr. Nemeh, unlike ever before, actually sat there, at home, he was home to see it, and he prayed, did he not?

Kathy: He sure did. The kids looked at him and said, “Dad, we need your help right now.” He goes, “What’s going on?” He wasn’t paying attention to the game, he had his earphones in and he was looking at the screen of his iPad. And he said, “What’s going on?” and they are like, “Dad, the Cavs game. We could win the championship. Please, can you just put your hand towards the screen?”

Philip: Didn’t they say, “You can’t just sit here, Dad, you have to pray!”

Kathy: Yes, you have to pray. Put your hand over the screen and start praying. And he just looked at them, like, “really?”

Philip: This is not what he does.

Kathy: No, he doesn’t pay attention to anything. Remember, he didn’t even know who Lebron James was.

Elizabeth: And you noticed he stepped out, because he doesn’t talk about this either.

Philip: For those of you who just missed what Kathy said, in year two of Lebron James being in the NBA, and everybody knew who Lebron James was, except for Dr. Issam Nemeh.

Kathy: No clue.

Philip: So, anyway, he prayed.

Kathy: He sure did.

Philip: At least for health, for whatever he was praying for.

Kathy: Right, he did pray.

Philip: And the Cavs won. And won the basketball game. First time in 50+ years that Cleveland’s won a championship. So, the question is, will Dr. Nemeh please pray for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Kathy: Oh, I’m getting those requests on email, on text. Please have Dr. Nemeh pray. Please have him pray.

Philip: So, so, this is Tuesday morning now, after game 5 at Golden State.

Kathy: Ok.

Philip: So here we are Tuesday morning, and we don’t know what happens. I’ll have to add an adjunct to this podcast. Are your prayers powerful enough, Kathy?

Kathy: I was praying the other day, preparing some food for guests on Saturday. And I’m looking at the screen like, Oh my God, you guys go for it! And then at one point, and I thought no, they are catching up! Golden State is catching up! We gotta do something here. So I said, “Holy Spirit, in the NAME of Jesus! Let them bounce that ball the right way! Get a basket!”

Elizabeth: Issam is back

Philip: And we have a lot of listeners in Northern California, just so you know. So Dr. Nemeh, you missed this, but will you be praying for the Cleveland Cavs, last night, as this podcast airs? If the Cavs win, did you have input into this game?

Dr. Nemeh: I have no idea


Dr. Nemeh: No, no I’m serious. I don’t pray for anything like that.

Philip: You pray for health. You pray for those kinds of things.

Kathy: So they don’t hurt themselves.

Dr. Nemeh: Yeah, I don’t pray for that stuff. And I don’t watch the games anyway.

Philip: Yeah, you don’t have a clue.

Dr. Nemeh: I don’t have a clue. I don’t have time for that.

Elizabeth: I’m sure you’ll be busy seeing patients while the game is going.

Dr. Nemeh: Ah, yeah.

Philip: You will be. That’s true. You’re still working, late, late, late.

Elizabeth: Its Monday night.

Philip: Well, thank you peoples. That was just rehearsal. You ready to start?


Dr. Nemeh: God bless.

Philip: God bless you Issam.

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  1. God Bless you Dr. Nemeh, Kathy and your ministry. You inspire me to be more prayerful and ask the holy spirit to intercede. God Bless you all! Lynn H

  2. This is so amazing! I am being enlightened 1000% NOW.
    Thank you Dr. Nemeh, Mr. Philip and Kathy
    You guys are the BEST bunch out there helping us.

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