Dr. Issam Nemeh and Kathy Answer Listener Questions – BFL 203


dr. issam nemeh answers questionsDr. Issam Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh answer podcast listener questions for one hour in this episode. Everything from miracles, faith, the ups and downs of the church, angels, saints, plus heaven, hell, and purgatory. We add in a dash of Kathy Nemeh humor and we are left with a highly entertaining and informative episode of Blind Faith Live.

Miracle Moment
Kelly had broken three fingers on her left hand after taking a hard fall. Weeks of rehabilitation had produced no results. The fingers were still not moving. Dr. Nemeh, after speaking to the Omega Holistic Institute in New York, prayed over Kelly’s hand. “Somehow, the fingers started moving,” Kelly tells us.

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  2. Danielle,
    As was mentioned in the podcast, how wonderful that the atheists and agnostics who were among the audience and receiving prayers were hearing the truth about God. How beautiful that nonbelievers were seeing miracles before their very eyes while hearing Dr. Nemeh and Kathy pray, “come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.”. Who was being changed by the experience? Those in attendance or Dr. Issam Nemeh? Sometimes, we are asked to go and spread the Word of Christ where they need it most. Sometimes, the nonbelievers are very open to the Spirit and only need to hear the Word proclaimed. Sometimes, they are changed forever in a beautiful Godly way. Regarding the rosary. Many people pray the rosary during the course of a healing service. Since we are not in a Catholic Church during most of these healing services, it is not prayed as a group. But Mary is very much there.
    God bless,

  3. Just finished listening to #203 blind faith live podcast. Dr. Nemeh is so blessed by the holy spirit. God bless him always. Ibut a word of warning. There was a good man,a. Christian healer(very interesting life)who I think was pulled into some dark psycic teachings by not so good meaning spycics of his time. When I hear on the #203 podcast mention omega institute in new york,my heart kind of dropped. I have personaly experienced lots of sad(evil?)Encounters from such groups or writings as the omega institute promotes. “As. I though dr nemeh was like catholic edgar cayce. Edgar I think is a friend of mankind-probably didn’t lose his soul over those pushy psycics,but something was lost. I enjoyed hearing the rosary said at one of dr nemehs healing services. Do they still pray the rosary at the healing services these days. This is probably too long. God bless you all at blind faith live. Danielle

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