My Dwindling Faith – BFL 157


FaithFaith to Knowing
The faith of Philip Keller is admittedly dwindling. It is being replaced by knowing. We no longer believe without seeing. Every week, on these podcast episodes, we are seeing, and experiencing, God’s manifestations. We no longer have faith that our prayers are being heard, we know. Through these real people, telling their real miracle stories, we come to know who God is. Through the mentorship of Dr. Issam Nemeh, we learn cause and effect. We learn how to increase the power of our prayer. It’s proven time after time.

Following the road map given to us by Christ, we open the door to a higher connection with God. Actually, experiencing more of God. It’s very simple. Jesus told us to put God first in all things, and to love one another as He loves us. To do so, we open the door to the heavenly supernatural. Faith is replaced with a deeper relationship, a relationship of knowing the God that we love.

Here, we bypass the physical laws of this earth and fuse to the heavenly laws, where all things are possible. It begins with getting on the same page with God.

Miracle MomentFaith
Richard Deville received partial healings for years. Once again, when Richard’s mindset changed, as is one of the key lessons learned here at Blind Faith Live, the healing of his degenerative disc disease became complete.

Keeping It Real with Kathy Nemeh
A drive-through experience at Starbucks brings the power of God down to our human level. Oh, the power of love, and a Grande mocha with whipped cream!

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