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earth, a fixer-upperThe world was perfect. Harmonious. Then, it went under new management and pretty much went to, well … Hell. It became a real fixer-upper! Jesus Christ came and began the repairs. We have joined Him and are finishing the job. The world will soon be perfect again.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh

Dr. Nemeh answers your questions following last week’s episode, God’s Billion Year Secret. Are the Angels still creating? How do we get our angels to be more active in our lives? Is there more to know about the human beings that were on earth before Adam? Does life elsewhere in the universe have a soul?
Dr. Nemeh also explores the dangerous possibility of a ‘Christian-ISIS’ mentality brewing in this country.

Kathy and singing daughter, Ashley Nemeh, team up for a ‘then vs. now’ look at life in the Middle East, and in particular, Syria. It’s not only the Christians who are on the run. Kathy and Ashley direct us to Mother Mary who always shows us the way to her son Jesus.

Miracle Moment

PeterIt’s not unusual for a Down Syndrome child to develop a particular type of leukemia. But it is highly unusual for that same child to suddenly go into complete remission with over a year and a half of scheduled chemo treatments still remaining. Such is the case for nine-year-old Pete Lombardi and his very happy mom, Brenda. The reversal came a few months back at a Dr. Nemeh healing service near Columbus, Ohio.

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  1. My husband and I listened to this episode together. Kathy Nemeh’s painful and heartfelt stories brought us both to tears . We continue to pray God Bless America, God Bless the world everyday at 3pm and have faith that it is making a difference.
    Thank you Philip for this very moving podcast and for featuring more of Ashley Nemeh’s beautiful voice. We loved it!

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