Even Dogs Know


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh

Here is an interesting range of events that occurred within one hour. Dr. Issam Nemeh saw The Holy Spirit in full flight inside a church. And, an ailing dog saw the spirit within Dr. Nemeh, and came seeking healing. All creatures can be touched by the Spirit, even dogs know.

2 thoughts on “Even Dogs Know

  1. Listened to this episode many times. Thank you gentlemen, and Servants of Jesus! I think of the power of Christ in the healing of this dog, and instantly it comes to mind the miracles HE does for us, who are made in HIS image. The scripture of the sparrow becomes so real. As I listened to your podcast I could hear birds chirping in the background. I was trying to imagine the scenery of your filming. This love that connect us, via animals, is amazing. Dr. Nemeh’s compassion for animals is heartfelt as he speaks. Hearing the owner of the dog made me think she didn’t really connect with what happened, as far as the healing. She will realize very soon this wonderful miracle.
    Those animal commercials that show the pain, suffering and abuse of God’s creatures, are they spared the pain? I am unable to endure, even the song that plays, to see this abuse. I don’t understand such evil, to innocent creatures. Dr. Nemeh connecting with animals, especially for healing is wonderful, a peace unspoken within that heals, not only the animal but those who are listening. I can’t imagine of such a blessing to be able to watch him do so, but while I listened to this podcast, over and over, I had a good feeling and idea what I was hearing.To listen to Dr. Nemeh and be filled with his humble words of hope is wonderful. The assurance he gives to voice as such, becomes a solid foundation of truth. The whole world needs to hear what Dr. Nemeh is teaching. Philip, thank you for making this possible and the faith you share that makes this real. You know, the Lord will ordain what needs to happen in preaching HIS word. HE makes no mistakes. The Spirit of God, Romans 5:5 has been poured out through the Holy Spirit to us. I’m so thankful for hope that Dr. Nemeh renews through his teachings. Thank you both.
    Philip, you say you are blind. Your vision is brighter than the sun. How can someone blind accomplish what you continue to? You are amazing. Your connection with God’s gifts of music with the faith you display, makes you unique, for who but God would choose a blind man to bring light that shines like the sun! Thank you Dr Nemeh and Philip, thank you.

    My friend, Wanda, is traveling to get her report for her cancer treatment. Thank you for prayers. I know God is touching her through the grace and love of HIS Disciples. Who’s report will we believe?
    Blessings to you both,

  2. Good morning to you all there. Thank you for walking through your callings. Peace is an amazing gift. I hope it unwraps around and within you.

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