EXORCISM: “I was losing my soul to New Age!” – BFL 173


losing my soul to New Age“I Was Losing My Soul to New Age”
Pam became involved in Reiki prayer, yoga (beyond the exercise),psychic powers, and other New Age practices. It wasn’t long before she began seeing spirits and hearing the voices of demons. How could this happen to such an innocent, loving woman? losing my soul to New AgeChaos began to run her life. Was exorcism the only way of casting out the evil?

Dr. Issam Nemeh discusses the dangers of New Age thinking. The doctor reinforces the correct way to connect to the spiritual beings at the highest level. Ego can lead innocent people into a deep dark dive with the lower spiritual realm. We have a choice and a defined way of inviting God into our lives. Our free will can lead us to the peace and joy of Jesus Christ.

5 thoughts on “EXORCISM: “I was losing my soul to New Age!” – BFL 173

  1. So true Philip. Reiki is a demonic energy from the lower level. I can assure you that 95% of people who receives reiki hoping to get better, has no idea about it, medicine and their doctors failed them, so they’re looking for ways to get better. If they knew the truth, I’m sure they would not use it. May God bless the whole world and America.

  2. I can’t imagine how blessed Pam must feel. To, not only be Spiritually healed but, restore her soul, as only Dr. Nemeh can, through a perfect God with a will of divine hope.
    So very blessed to hear this. Learned a great deal, and certainly feel different about yoga, in any expression of it. How can something so positive turn negative and destructive? Bottom line, don’t do yoga?
    Dr Nemeh and Philip, I love to listen to these podcasts. The detailed issues very well voiced explaining entire logic. Everything seems to make so much sense, hearing Dr. Nemeh explain. However, why do so many make the same mistakes and fall short of God’s best, to become involved in such demonic activity?
    Again, thank you so much.
    God’s blessings
    Markay Kifer

  3. This is a miracle that you posted this right now! I have dabbled in new age literature and some practice (yoga, network spinal analysis, “soul” retreats) but I just KNEW it wasn’t the truth- there was always this endless seeking, this endless “journey” to keep “evolving” , to keep going to the next level – and keep paying these practitioners more and more money for “personal growth” but never any peace or contentment! Finally, I came to the point where I knew only Jesus is the answer and all answers are in him. You don’t need to pay to go retreats, read more books, see more gurus, go to more practices, you need to surrender yourself entirely to the Lord and let him heal all things. Let him provide the solutions to your life when you surrender yourself and your problems to his will instead of seeking my own egotistical fulfillment. Thank you Philip for your ministry putting together this podcast, thank you Pam for sharing your story and thank you Dr. Nemeh for your ministry, healing and prayers for all of us! You are living saints!

  4. Phiilp & Dr. Nemeh,

    First I thank Jesus that the Holy Sprirt lead Pam to Dr. Nemeh and the demons are gone from her.

    I have worked with a excorsist Priest in Texas that performed exorcisms. Sadly he passed away. Since then I only had one priest contact me to go and visit a possible excorsism case. Many Priest are to afraid or they don’t believe. So we need to pray to Jesus for Spirit filled Catholic Priests and our Holy Catholic Apostalic Church. Dr. Nemeh is right our Church is under attack by the evil one.There is a Catholic Church in Texas that has a yoga class in there fath formation children’s school building for adults. I have advised the pastor of the negative consequences of yoga. Then 2 weeks later I went to the chapel to pray and I had to remove someone performing yoga in front of the tabernacle. Again, I met with the pastor and he brushed it off like it was no big deal. Yoga is not a Christian exorcise it only allows the demon to take possession. The greatest way to meditate is to get on our knees and pray the rosary and like Dr. Nemeh said open our minds to the Holy Spirit.

    God Bless!

  5. Thank You for speaking on this! I had been hearing of Reiki prayer being allowed in hospitals, including ours, several years ago. I understand, in our area of Virginia at least, it is often encountered while receiving a massage. I was researching Reiki online to understand what this was about because it did not add up to anything I knew of the Holy Spirit and my experience with healing through the Lord Jesus Christ. I know it was the Holy Spirit who prompted me to understand and speak out in our area and prayer groups. Sure enough, people had heard the term but was unfamiliar with the practice. Generally, people would respond with “I thought prayer was prayer”! Not so. Although there is much I do not know about it, I do know there are levels that you are trained in. They are encouraged not to pray in the name of Jesus Christ so the person receiving prayer can attribute healing or feeling better to what ever god they choose. They do feel heat and power as they pray but it is an inferior counterfeit that causes them to go on to higher levels, to get sucked in deeper. I understand if a healing is claimed, the person often will become ill in a different area. The people being prayed for looks to them for healing and prayer rather than to Jesus Christ. You are certainly correct about it being a problem in the church as the ones praying say “of course” the prayer is from Jesus even tho they do not acknowledge Him in any way before, during or after. There are no conversions to Christ. People are truly ignorant of this scheme from the devil on both sides in praying and receiving prayer. Thank you again for bringing this topic out in the open. You cannot find God’s fingerprints on any of this. All darkness will be brought into the light, Praise God!

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