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Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Faith FactsDr. Issam Nemeh

Dr. Nemeh prays… Things happen. Why? Because Issam is on the same page with Jesus Christ. The more we are in alignment with Christ, the more powerful our prayers. But the miraculous also has to do with the knowledge that has been infused by the Holy Spirit.

In this episode, the topics include the Trinity, fallen angels, quantum, and our ultimate destination in the Kingdom. Dr. Nemeh has the answers to the most profound questions.

2 thoughts on “Did You Know? Faith Facts

  1. Another great podcast.
    Most of us or all of us do not have the same state of mind as dr. Nemeh has or our prayers are not as powerful as his but we pray earnestly anyway. Does God hear the prayers also to those who do not have the “right” state of mind?

    • God meets us where we are now. The podcast is designed to inspire us to higher levels of prayer. He listens to all of our prayers. It is only logical that the greater our connection to Him, the more powerful our prayers become.

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