Faith Inside a Fallen World – BFL 133


BFL_FallenWorldFaith inside a Fallen World

Listen, as two huge miracles take place in this podcast. Dr. Issam Nemeh prays… Things happen. Despite this being a fallen world, Jesus continues to prove that He is still walking with us.

Miracle Moment

Carol Zore-Laurie, a nurse, received miracle # 1. A Caroldevastating fall, three and half years ago, resulted in debilitating injuries of the spine, left shoulder and left hip. Carol explains, as only a medical person can, how her body was physically transformed during prayers from Dr. Nemeh.

Pancreatic Cancer Healed

Miracle # 2 came when Carol placed into the prayer basket, the name of a neighbor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The friend had been biopsied and scanned repeatedly. The result had always been the same. But new tests following the prayers from Dr. Nemeh, now show that the cancer is gone. Carol’s friend is cancer free!

When I Ruled the World

Philip Keller awakened this morning with “When I Ruled the World”, a song by Coldplay,  playing in his head. The spiritual perspective of the lyrics lead us to our topic on this podcast. We look to the future, to a time when Lucifer and the fallen Angels have been neutralized by the believers in Jesus Christ. There will be a time in the not-too-distant future when the ruler of this world will be muted.

Issam Insights – Dr. Issam Nemeh

Unfortunately, God is often given credit for the doings of the evil one. Disease and misfortune, can have us looking up to the heavens wondering, ‘why are you doing this to me?’ Our perfect God does not do imperfect things.

Lent: try giving up… Reacting

Giving up different foods is a wonderful way of disconnecting from this physical world. Ready for something more challenging? Try giving up, reacting. Reacting to everything that sets us off. Is it possible to keep a lid on our explosive reactions? Dr. Nemeh explains how it can be done.

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