“… and the Angel said, “Fear Not” – BFL 179


fear notFear not.
Seems to be an easy command to follow, especially when it comes from an Angel. And yet, fear runs rampant through our everyday lives. What’s our problem? We know that fear does not come from God. That leaves only one other source for fear. That ‘other’ source wants us doubting our heavenly God.

Psalm 27: The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?

Or, how about Jesus saying in the Gospel of Matthew … Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Evil wants us to believe that those Bible verses are a joke. Our problems, after all, are real and insurmountable.

So what’s the issue? Why do we wake up with the sweats? Why are we debilitated or feel paralyzed? Money? Health? Family? Job? Loneliness? Depression?

In this podcast episode, Dr. Issam Nemeh talks about how powerful fear is in this world. The devil wields enormous influence with fear. Even the animals are living in continuous fear. It is a matter of survival.

Our other teacher is Linus, from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. While reciting Luke 2, almost unnoticed is Linus dropping his ever present blue security blanket at precisely the moment ‘fear not’ is spoken. A subliminal message from Linus, that with Christ, we have nothing to fear. “That’s what Christmas is all about,Charlie Brown.”

One of the greatest ways I can show God that I love Him is to trust Him, with everything. I mean truly trust him with everything. A lack of trust is a lack of love. Dear Jesus, help me with my sin of fear. Fear separates me from you. Help me to trust you more. Help me to give you all my worries and fears. Help me to… fear not. I mean, if our friend Linus can do it, we can do it.

Miracle Momentfear not
Back pain, sciatica leg pain, and a numbness in his foot brought Joe Fink to a Dr. Nemeh healing service. The first miracle for Joe, was seeing a ballroom of people praying for each other. Here were 100 strangers caring for one another. Joe could actually feel the love that was so obviously present. Next, came Joe’s own physical miracle.

4 thoughts on ““… and the Angel said, “Fear Not” – BFL 179

  1. Great episode! I put this podcast on as I was taking down Christmas decorations, including my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree wrapped in Linus’ blanket as this aired!
    What a wonderful God Wink! I changed my New Year’s resolution to Fear Not.

  2. Juanita,
    we sometimes use the word ‘church’ interchangeably. Sometimes it means Christians, followers of Christ. Sometimes we are talking about the hierarchy of the different Christian faiths. You mentioned that you are Catholic. I would recommend regular mass attendance, primarily to receive the Eucharist. The Eucharist is Jesus, not merely a symbol. God bless you and thank you so much for listening to the podcast.

  3. Dear Philip,
    I’m so confused. When you and Dr. Nemeh talk about the church , is it the people that believe or are you talking about a physical building a church?
    I don’t go to church. I was raise Catholic but we never really attended church, other than being baptized and holy communion we attended church only on special occasions. I get more out of listening to your podcasts than going to church. Should I be going to a church? I realize this is a silly question but would like to hear your opinion.


  4. Very good podcast Philip, thank you.
    Dr Nemeh’s point, the power and effects of God’s love is much more real to hear him explain this. His wise choice of words to convert this Heavenly process upon ears who are listening and so very thankful for divine instruction. How wonderful it is to listen and be filled with hope.
    Kathy Nemeh channels her emotions without ever losing control. She never burns a bridge, but continues to build them. I admire all of you and most thankful for the peace within my heart for faith so great. So thankful for these podcasts, and the strength to believe, and hold on to real hope in such a world. Please continue these podcasts. Thank you!

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