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Fearless at 65 lbsFearless
Philip Keller (Trapper Jack) turned on WKYC-TV, Cleveland, only to find medical reporter, Monica Robins, filing a story on a shrinking 24-year-old named Kaitlynn Heinl. It took more than 50 doctors a total of twelve¬†years to figure out why Kaitlynn Heinl was down to 65 pounds. Only 400 others had ever been diagnosed with SMA, a terminal congenital digestive disorder. Eating 30,000 calories a day was no match for this disease. Kaitlynn, sporting a new ‘fearless’ wrist tattoo, continued to lose weight. SMA was slow-motion death.

Keller saw in Kaitlynn a loving young woman whoKaitlynn Heinl had an unusual level of acceptance in God’s will. He saw someone definitely subject to a miracle. It was just a matter of convincing the starving young woman to see Dr. Issam Nemeh, the physician of unshakable faith. He prays, things happen. Amazing things happen.

Click here to see the original Kaitlynn story on WKYC-TV 3, Cleveland.

Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Dr. Nemeh once again points out that when we connect to the heavenly laws that are available to us, all things are possible. The invisible becomes visible. For Kaitlynn to be healed, it would require dead nerve endings to come back to life. And, they did.

5 thoughts on “Fearless at 65 lbs. – BFL 177

  1. I know Dr Nemeh does not want to take any credit for it, but if he would not do for all of us what he does who would?
    I don’t know anyone who does such a great job sharing the real “TRUTH”
    He does the most important thing in the world sharing his knowledge on those podcasts. It is priceless!

  2. What a truly amazing story and witness to how powerful our God is! You truly followed the Spirit in tracking down Kaitlynn and this has led to showing the world another beautiful miracle. Anyone who hears this story will know the truthfulness of what Dr. Nemeh says, and what you say on these podcasts. Many lives will be changed!

  3. I could hardly wait to hear this podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I am just so happy for this young woman, Kaitlynn. Dr Nemeh your are just an amazing Apostle of our precious Lord. This healing is truly a gift of many many blessings.
    I can hardly wait to hear the end results. What a Merry Christmas for Kaitlynn. What a blessing this was to me, just listening. How wonderful! Her mother must be without words to describe this Heavenly event, of her daughter. Oh tears of joy. Philip, thank you for the will of God that just streams through you. You are amazing. Kaitlynn you are so sweet and I am so thankful for your priceless gift and thankful heart.


  4. Hallelujah! Praise be to the Trinity! Awe! How beautiful! Thank you for having this for the podcast!

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