Feeling ‘Christ In Me’


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Dr. Issam NemehFeeling ‘Christ In Me’
“He became me as I became Him,” said Dr. Issam Nemeh. Ever wonder what it would be like to experience Jesus at this level? “I felt no disconnection with Him.”

A few days ago, while treating a patient, Jesus gave Dr. Nemeh a heavenly gift. He was allowed to experience what St. Paul referenced when he wrote, “Christ is in me and I am in Christ.” That is not just a Bible verse. It is a spiritual and physical experience. In fact, it is a combining of our duality. Christ in me is also our destiny. It is the time when all believers will be carbon copies of Christ, while maintaining our own personalities. It is when “all will be in all.” This is when everything will return to the original perfection of God.

Dr. Nemeh felt the stillness that is within Christ. The stillness, as Jesus awaits the Father’s wishes, which is conveyed through the Holy Spirit. A stillness and peace that speaks loudly of the perfect love between the Father and Son. This coincided with God’s healing of the patient.

4 thoughts on “Feeling ‘Christ In Me’

  1. We all have the same access to God. We all choose different levels of surrender. Therefore, we all differ in our connection to God.

  2. Is this portion of faith, or level of understanding the Spirit, given to all? Dr. Nemeh’s calm surrender to the Father and Son seems very acceptable, listening to his insights. Is this blessing a favor of God, only granted to some?
    To hear Dr. Nemeh speak of such encounters, seems to single him out. I know that the Lord uses Dr. Nemeh, for his obedience and willingness to connect Spiritually. How I long to experience the presence of such love that binds with a connection that cannot be separated. Dr. Nemeh speaks of this healing that took place accordingly, as if this would naturally take place, God’s will. With all the healing that takes place, does this experience occur over and over again, each and every time? This is so powerful to digest. So real. Thank you for this insight. I’ve listened many times and enlightened more so each time. Bless you, thank you, Markay K

  3. This is so incredibly beautiful; so full of hope. Thank you so much for all the hope you share with us through these podcasts. May it bring us all to a deeper and fuller knowledge of God’s omnipresent love. God bless you. God bless America. God bless the world.

  4. “Christ In Me” Dr. Nemeh, I have listened to you this afternoon on the subject Christ in me. Doctor, you are here on earth because of my situation. I am a Christian by faith but unable to manifest “Christ in Me” to give me my desired expectations. I told Kathy that I have Health and economic challenges. I see Health solution from you. YOU EVER THOUGHT OF COMING TO GEORGIA? The best gift that would ever happened to people in need of you.

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