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Feeling LuckyWhen good things happen to us, we say that we’re feeling lucky, and blessed. What about when a string of bad luck happens? Still feeling blessed? Did we do somethingwrong? Did we upset God? A Frank Sinatra song leads us into the topic of luck.

Issam and Kathy Nemeh give us their take on feeling lucky. If you win the lotto, are you blessed, or just lucky? Philip Keller asked the question, ‘am I unlucky to be blind, or am I blessed?’

Miracle MomentKristin Ferro
Was it unlucky for Kristin Ferro to be in a car accident 16 years ago that ultimately led to a closer relationship to Jesus?

Dean McKayWhat about Dean McKay? Surgery that went awry caused blindness and a shutdown of his left side. How unlucky can a patient get? But then again, the blessings were enormous.

Spaghetti Dinner
And how lucky can you get that a missing ingredient for dinner falls from the most improbable place in the ta-da nick of time. Our friend, Steve Eyerman, tells the real jaw-dropping story that you will be telling others!

Elizabeth Keller shares 13 ways to make yourself ‘more lucky.’

2 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky? – BFL 159

  1. Kathy I am so happy you shared Dean’s story with me. I love hearing about God’s miracles. I didn’t know about it. They have been special in my life. Mary Margaret Hennessey Hunter

  2. I’m so happy for my Uncle. I love him. He is the best. Don’t get to see him all the time cause I live in Florida. But Uncle Dean know your always in my heart. Love your niece Kimberly

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