Finding the Good in Bad Times


Finding the Good in Bad TimesFinding the Good in Bad Times

Losing his job was a new and difficult experience for Philip Keller. He remembered to look for God’s hand in being let go. Something had to end in order for something else to begin. By creating Blind Faith Live, Philip was finding the good in bad times.

God’s hand is in everything. He either created it or allowed it. It’s our job to accept it. Not easy sometimes. But, by doing so, we are finding the good in bad times. Here is a replay of Philip Keller’s farewell address three years ago. It was a few days before Christmas. Was being fired a gift?

Nothing But Blue Skies

Who or what is your anchor when things get choppy? Is it a person, place or a thing that you go to? There was a time when Keller’s tiny ‘God-anchor’ was being dragged all over the ocean bottom. He was drifting. Drifting feels fine when things are going well, but when the storm hits, you’re lost.

For some, finding the silver lining in those dark storm clouds is enough. In this podcast, we learn how to find the blue sky.

Miracle MomentDebbie & Scott Denton

For Scott and Debbie Denton, the blue sky was found at a Dr. Nemeh healing service, as well as the doctor’s medical office. The pain in Debbie’s feet, from Plantar Fasciitis, kept her seated for most of her day. Now, the ‘irreversible’ pain is gone.

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