Fingers Grow Back – BFL 110


Brooke's HandFingers grow back? For real? Yes! We say, “With God, all things are possible!” Do we actually believe those words? Husband and wife, doctors, Sam and Debbie (Lederbach) Barther, along with their daughter Brooke, tell the story of finger regrowth, the reversal of partial blindness, and a kidney ailment that suddenly disappeared all through the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. If this all seems far-fetched, you are not alone Barther Familyin your thinking. Dr. Sam and Dr. Debbie weren’t sure what to believe either. Medical minds, not trained to incorporate spirituality in the world of medicine, are now embracing the truth of the blessings that have showered down upon their children and the entire family.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Regrowth of fingers and toes is nothing new for Dr. Nemeh. Here is a man who lives his faith and knows, “With God, all things are possible!”

What’s the next step for Dr. Nemeh? Providing care and healing for those who are rejected elsewhere. What is coming may sound like science fiction, listen as Issam Nemeh describes the huge turn medicine is about to take.

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