Following the Star (Angel) – BFL 178


StarFollowing the Star
The wisemen were following the star. The star was actually an Angel. Dr. Issam Nemeh referenced this back in episode 175. He is not the only one who is inspired with this information. The Bible on multiple

occasions references the Angels as stars. [Link] Plus, when you see what the star has to do to find its way to the new Christ child, an Angel is the only answer.

Link to the Angel Star

Angels surround us in this episode. Actually, we would not exist without a third of the Angels taking a fall. The ruler of this world is a fallen angel. Of course, Mary and Joseph certainly had their encounters with angels. We, too, may need to remind ourselves that we have Angels around us… And, helping us with more than locating parking spaces.

Keeping It Real with Kathy Nemeh
Miracle Moment – an upcoming local television news story will highlight the miracles surrounding Dr. Issam Nemeh. Two teenage sisters were severely injured in an automobile accident. Both were in a coma. One of the girls was brain-dead.

This is the story of what happened in the hospital room as Kathy Nemeh, with Dr. Nemeh connected via cell phone, prayed. Things happened. Amazing things happened.

Miracle Moment 2 – Update on Kaitlynn Heinl
Kaitlynn, featured in episode 177, continues to improve. SMA, the genetic digestive disorder is being reversed. The local NBC affiliate, who covered her plight, is coming back for this amazing part 2 to her story.

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7 thoughts on “Following the Star (Angel) – BFL 178

  1. Gloria,
    When the number of believers in Christ matches the number of fallen Angels, then evil will finally be done. The matching began when Christ died on the cross. We are 2000 years into this and we are getting closer.
    Thank you and God bless you!

  2. On the “matching number” does that mean when the number of lives committed to Christ matches the number of those who have fallen then evil will burn out entirely? We have much work to do! But we are definitely getting nearer. More and more I notice others outwardly speaking Christ and more and more I feel the inertia. I do feel his numbers increasing. And it is nice to know that momentum is building. Thanks Philip and Beth and Kathy and Dr. Nemeh.

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