Forgiving People in Advance


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh Dr. Issam Nemeh
Rehearse forgiveness? This podcast revealed that Dr. Nemeh will often rehearse forgiveness. This ensures that his state of mind is always loving and forgiving. Our prayers will not work if our mind is not on the same page with God. Forgiving people is of course key in receiving a healing. It is in fact, key to having any prayers answered.

2 thoughts on “Forgiving People in Advance

  1. Great episode! I have had times in my life where I have been unable to love and forgive by just deciding to love and forgive with my own mind. I pray and ask Jesus for help and to ask the Holy Spirit to fill my heart with extra power to love and forgive. I also have prayed for the person hurting me or causing me pain to have more love and healing in their mind and heart. I had big miracles with that which sometimes occured overnight, but sometimes it took years of prayer, trust and faith and experiences that helped me understand their behavior. Certain people are always harder to love. Sometimes I “act” with love, even if the feeling of love isn’t there. “Love isn’t always a feeling” seems to be my phrase as of late, when I act loving toward a difficult person. I hope someday, to love everyone more easily!

  2. Great episode, Thank You. I needed to hear this and listened to it twice. I quickly realized I needed a “reset”. Had not heard or thought of forgiving before it happens can block an attack. And yet, hearing that makes such sense. I’m going to practice not reacting until that is the normal. Wise words.

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