From Islam to Orthodox Priest


When Jesus Appears to MuslimsJesus appears to Muslims

“If you want to be saved, follow me.” A Muslim tells us about the three successive nights that Jesus Christ appeared to him. At a time when he was looking to God (Allah) to reveal more of himself, the apparition was shocking. The number of Christian converts appears to be on the rise. Even more astounding is what the conversion of our Muslim friend has led to.

The reports continue to pour out of the Middle East and elsewhere of conversions through dreams involving Jesus. We share a news story from the CBN network of Christian conversions that began with dreams.

The message from Christ is consistent. “Come to me.” “Follow me.” “Trust me.” Accompanying these invitations is an understanding of love, forgiveness, and repentance.

Check original Blind Faith Live Episode 145 for contact information for Fr. Dan.

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