A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven – BFL 174


BFL_WaytoHeavenOn the Way to Heaven
Are there dogs in heaven? What is the difference between being in heaven and being within the kingdom of God? What do we make of near-death experiences that involve quick visits to heaven? Local Fox television reporter Suzanne Stratford sat down with Dr. Issam Nemeh to talk about heaven. But then … A funny thing happened on the way to heaven.

Watch Dr. Nemeh on Local Fox News
Here is the link to a news story with Dr. Issam Nemeh on WJW TV-8, in Cleveland, Ohio. This aired on November 14th, 2016.

Miracle MomentSam Debbie Barther
Dr. Debbie (Lederbach) Barther, featured in the above TV news story, adds another miracle moment. Stenosis, scoliosis, and arthritis pain are lifted along with the need for a back brace.

Click Podcast Episode BFL 110 to hear our original full length story featuring Barther Family miracles.

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