Ghost Riders in the Sky – BFL 47


Rebecca & Jim MiletiThere is a moral to that song. Cowboy, change your ways … or else. God tends to be a bit nicer than that, as he attempts to nudge us out of the thicket and back onto the trail. Our hero cowboy is Jim Mileti and his wife, Rebecca. They felt that their very livelihood was not pleasing to God. So, one day, they closed their business cold turkey. They now await God’s redirection.

Miracle Moment – It was 35 weeks ago that we RonCarmaGlowackidocumented the miracle of Carma Glowacki. After years of battling a disorder that had reduced her weight to 80 lbs., learning forgiveness was the key to returning to full health. This time, it’s her husband, Ron, that feels the full force of God’s healing power after he, too, learns forgiveness.
(Segment begins at 49 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – The different ways that God shows us whether or not we are on the correct path. Does God discipline us in this lifetime? You bet he does. He’s our Father.
(Segment begins at 27 minutes)

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