The Girl Bubble Boy


Miracle Moment – Donetta JonasSteve & Donetta
Remember the movie, Bubble Boy?  It was about a boy who had to live in a plastic bubble in order to stay alive. He had no immune system to fight off any invading bacteria. Donetta Jonas is suffering from a similar fate. Her husband, Steve, stumbled upon Blind Faith Live several months ago. That led to him sending an email and photo of Donetta to Kathy and Dr. Nemeh. They prayed over the picture. That took care of problem number one … a knee, which was scheduled for a total replacement. Suddenly, it was made perfect. Her doctor is perplexed. Other issues involving stenosis, fibromyalgia, and the immune issues are systematically being checked off.

2 thoughts on “The Girl Bubble Boy

  1. Twenty weeks ago after an allergic reaction to the plasma I was on, we discovered my body had begun making one of the immune elements IGA. I no longer have to mask in public. A new Plasma treatment has been going great. Few side effects. My IGg numbers have recently reached 1423! When I was diagnosed they were 28.
    After seven years of ivig plasma I have the highest numbers. We hope for 1000-1600. Reaching a 1423 was amazing.

  2. I am still going strong. I wish I could have a few more treatments. The prayers are healing more than my bones. Our hearts are stronger. Our faith more sweet. We are losing ego and gaining the ability to love on a much grander scale. We are at peace no being centered on the self but on the love. Thankful for everything for it all has its purpose in the grand design. My back has remained stable, knee is good. CVID is staying under good management. The ability to mask has become less trying in public as well. We are so in love.

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