God Blesses Us, It’s the Law! – BFL 75


10849817_746680498757100_6422761107864713822_nHow many times have I heard Dr. Issam Nemeh say, “God will bless you and everyone around you.” He’s quoting Genesis. The law of blessings is restated in many forms throughout the Bible. Worried about someone? A family member? A friend? A neighbor? Feel that your hands are tied in the matter?  Remember, it starts with us. The more that we put God first, the more we treat people as we want to be treated, the more loving, forgiving, and patient that we are, the more that we will be blessed and all of those around us will be blessed.

In each of the segments of this week’s Blind Faith Live Podcast, Episode 75, you will see not only how one individual is blessed, but how that blessing radiates outward to others. The blessings ricochet all over!

Miracle Moment – Kathy Nemeh relates how a healing Sue Schneideof a woman named Cindy, four years ago, led to a healing of a friend named Lisa and ultimately to Sue Schneide who has been suffering from scoliosis her entire life. There it is again! God will bless you and everyone around you!
(Segment begins at 22 minutes)

We revisit Episode 42. This podcast highlights the appearance of Blessed Mother Mary to the Nemeh family while they were visiting in Syria in 1988. Kathy Nemeh relates the story of the moment their daughter, Ashley Nemeh, received her beautiful voice, Ashley Nemeh Ave Mariadirectly from the Blessed Mother. But this time around, Kathy’s story is accompanied by Ashley’s first single from her forthcoming album. Ave Maria is incredibly appropriate for this story.
(Segment begins at 35 minutes)


Issam’s Insights – While we are at it, we will also revisit Dr. Issam Nemeh talking about his encounter with the Blessed Mother the same night as Ashley received her voice. This was the night that Dr. Nemeh was directed by Mary to begin his work that ultimately would lead to a particular church being built. How close are we to the next phase in the life of Dr. Issam Nemeh?

(Segments begins at 40 minutes)

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May God bless you … And everyone around you!

2 thoughts on “God Blesses Us, It’s the Law! – BFL 75

  1. this may sound corney but i get tears and trembles when i hear ashley sing. i can’t wait for the album to come out. please let me know when it does. thank you.

  2. I love Ashley’s version of Ave Maria! -So Touching..Can’t wait for the album! I am grateful she sang it in English as the only version I have are in Italian.

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