God Blesses You and Everyone Around You


God Blesses You and Everyone around YouSue Schneide

It is first stated in Genesis and then throughout the Bible. How reassuring to know that God blesses you and everyone around you.

Worried about someone? A family member? A friend? A neighbor? Feel that your hands are tied in the matter? Remember, it starts with us. The more that we put God first, the more we treat people as we want to be treated, the more loving, forgiving, and patient that we are, the more that we will be blessed and all of those around us will be blessed. God says so.

In this podcast episode, you will see not only how one individual is blessed, but how that blessing radiates outward to others. The blessings ricochet all over!

Miracle Moment

Kathy Nemeh relates how a healing of a woman named Cindy, four years ago, led to a healing of a friend named Lisa and ultimately to Sue Schneide who has been suffering from scoliosis her entire life. There it is again! God blesses you and everyone around you!

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