God Made Me Sing – BFL 53


When I started witnessing these miracles fourteen years ago, I wondered aloud, “What am I supposed to do with this?” So, I opened up the Bible to a random page and stuck my finger in blindly (literally). My finger was pointing to Psalms, Chapter 40. That song described my life and that a new song was being put in my throat!

Miracle Moment?????????????For 30 years, Nancy Schubert was on morphine to control her back pain. In the blink of an eye, with a loving prayer, all the pain disappeared. Here’s a bulletin … her physician actually believes Nancy received a miracle!
(Segment begins at 22 minutes)

Issam Insight – Do the Angels actually fight physically over our souls? In this episode, Dr. Nemeh will surprise you with details about what goes on in the invisible world around us.
(Segment begins at 30 minutes)

Bonus – A marine talks of his near-death experience and one of the Good Angels fighting a demon for his soul. 

4 thoughts on “God Made Me Sing – BFL 53

  1. I have learned so much and my faith has been strengthened greatly…May our loving Lord be with you for more sharing!

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