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BFL_GodYouChooseThis week, I stumbled upon an extremely powerful prayer. While trying to decide on which Miracle Moment to use, I said to God, “You choose.” I received an immediate response. The song that began playing in my head gave me my answer, as well as the lesson in this week’s episode. In my super brief prayer, I was saying to God, in this matter, take me out of the equation. Do whatever you want to do. The realization, of course, is that I should be doing this in all choices. I need to be accepting of God’s will in all matters.

Miracle Moment
God was most merciful to Molly Miller at a recentMolly Miller healing service, removing her back pain and sciatica pain in her legs. Molly in turn, blessed us all with an inspirational story that begins with almost certain death in her mother’s womb. By accepting God’s will in her life, being open to the Holy Spirit, she has taken her diminutive 4’4″ frame in a direction that would have never occurred to her.
(Segment begins at 17 minutes)

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
*The Holy Spirit is always talking to us… Whether we are listening or not.
*How the Holy Spirit works within the church, and within our own family.
*God’s hand is in all things … Including the things that we would label good, bad or ugly.
(Segment begins at 31 minutes)

1 thought on “God, You Choose – BFL 95

  1. The apartment thing. That is just how life is suppose to be. I see it as Heaven now. Its like so many folks are waiting to die to see it. Woa is me in suffering, they want to die to have everything easy. Suffering is educational. My life had been that way, things working out for me all the time and many times its like some Christians really resented it. It left me so sad for others.

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