God, You’re So Old-Fashioned! – BFL 204


God You're Old-Fashioned

I just received a note in my inbox from God. He wants to know, “where are all the men?” Say what? Why is Dr. Issam Nemeh stating, “the attack is on the woman. Manhood is sick right now.”  So, what’s the problem?   What’s the big deal if a man wants to stay home and take care of the kids? It’s freedom for a woman to be the main breadwinner, right?  Does God actually expect us to turn back the clock and live like our parents generation? Okay, so half the population under 30 has left the church since new traditions have been put into place. Is that really our fault? It’s just the sign of the times, right?

Issam Insights

  • Dr. Issam Nemeh gives us the heavenly view of the current roles of men and women.
  • Jesus reflects the Father. How does Blessed Mother Mary reflect the Holy Spirit?
  • Is the United States the ‘place of safety’ that the church will find itself, according to Revelation.
  • How to win an argument about faith.

Miracle Moment

Barbara Baker and her friend Carol Dosh received their miracles at the exact same moment.  They just happen to be 2400 miles apart. Barbara, while receiving a prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh for her chronic facial inflammation, held the intention of her friend, Carol, in her heart.. Carol was suffering from a severe medical crisis.  They were both healed in the same instant. As Dr. Nemeh has stated many times, it’s all about our pure intention for each other. Our mind is much more powerful than we think.

3 thoughts on “God, You’re So Old-Fashioned! – BFL 204

  1. The issue of Jesus being a perfect reflection of Mary (thru the intermediation of the Holy Spirit?) is something brand new to me and I am still thinking… Is this then the reflection of what the Bible talks about when it says Jesus was fully God and fully man? I.e., spiritually (God) and in the natural or of the flesh (Mary)?
    It’s something that’s a new take (Jesus being a full reflection of Mary) I had never heard before. Aaah, that Dr Nemeh, full of surprises! Or am I misunderstanding ?? You see, in the Trinity I have only always been taught to see Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I want to learn and understand, so pls help.

  2. Very interesting and revealing podcast, again. Doctor Nemeh is teaching us a lot. Can you give me an explanation of the angels’ role in “co-creation”? It was touched on in this podcast but I had never heard of that before. Is it referred to in the Bible? Thank you , Philip, for all your work.

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