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This felt like a left hook out of nowhere. I was halfway through producing this episode when the punch landed. The focus took a huge left turn. Call it God’s reverse psychology. I never saw it coming. I have never delivered a message like this one. It’s the equivalent of a parent throwing their arms into the air and saying, “Okay, the only thing we haven’t tried is …” I was going to restart, but then I thought you might like going through the process as I did. See if you can figure out before I did, God’s unique wake-up message.

Miracle MomentPat Vic Voinovich
Vic Voinovich said, “It was like watching the dead being raised.” His wife, Pat, was dealing with a dead arm. There were several tears in her right rotator cuff. Surgery was scheduled. But the ‘dead’ was raised at a Dr. Nemeh healing service.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Ever wonder what happens at the moment someone leaves purgatory and heads to heaven? Dr. Nemeh describes that moment as he watched it happen.

2 thoughts on “God’s Reverse Psychology – BFL 107

  1. In this segment you mentioned that later you will be doing something on St. Pio and his chalice. I want to thank you, Mr. Keller, for including the info regarding the talk Cindy Russo gave a few weeks ago at St. Bernadette’s.
    My hubby and I (we were the ones stopped by a cop on our way to Mass) attended and we asked Cindy to come talk at the Int’l Catholic Deaf Assoc.’s conference which was held last week. Cindy was able to come 3 times! ……. opening night to speak, ……Mass on Monday at the hotel where during consecration, she saw bright light (she thinks it was Padre Pio) behind the priest (who is deaf) who celebrated the Mass, …….and then Cindy was able to again bring St. Pio’s chalice for Tuesday’s Mass at St. Augustine Catholic Church for the Deaf in Tremont.

    Cindy told several of the priests that she would be willing to travel out of town/state to their parishes with the chalice. Our daughter is talking to her pastor, whom she is training to Sign the Mass, about inviting Cindy to their parish in New Jersey.

    Because of YOU………..this beautiful and blessed speaker and St. Pio’s chalice will have MANY opportunities to bless deaf communities……every where!


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