Good or Bad Baby? Who Chooses?


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Good or Bad Baby?

When do you know if you have a good or bad baby? That is, when exactly does a baby start leaning toward good, or to bad. Is it a completely environmental issue? Does the baby choose if it is going to be good or bad? What does the spirit in us know, and when does it know it? Also, in this episode … Prefigurement. That is, those big moments in the Bible that are repeated. In a more perfect way.

A baby with a Halo? Really? Both parents saw this remarkable event. Kathy Nemeh reveals the story of a little baby with a halo around it’s head! The sign was stunning for the parents of this very sick child.

3 thoughts on “Good or Bad Baby? Who Chooses?

  1. thank you thank you x 100000 times Phillip and Dr Nemeh for your services and absolute PRICELESS knowledge. No where in books this is written and no best schools can teach you this. We are going home soon brothers&sisters. Be hot so dont have to suffer here during Tribulation. Share this info with every1 who is lukewarm.

  2. Amazing Phillip and Dr Nemeh. I feel also we are very close to this huge event. Fasten your seatbelts ppl!

  3. Each time i listen to an episode I either learn something i didn’t know or it challenges what i was taught in my upbringing…sometimes it clarifies and most times it confuses me more but each time its like that and i feel i need to learn more and more…please keep my sister in the prayer basket, her name is Toby and she has stiff person’s syndrome. I listened to the story you did on the young man who had it and it was much more progressed than my sisters and that gave her so much hope. Thank you….when John passed away(John E. Douglas) I felt closer to the Lord than i ever have and I can say with much confidence he went to be with him, but as the days pass i feel farther and farther away from that feeling, and it makes me a little sad. So when i listen to your podcasts its healing in a way i cannot describe. Thank you- Karen

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