Hail Mary – BFL 209


Hail Mary“Mary, help me make a six-year-old boy understand who you are.”  – Kathy Nemeh

Kathy Nemeh, sporting a ‘Hail Mary’ scarf that appears to some to be glowing, once again demonstrates her reverence for the Blessed Mother Mary. Kathy’s prayer is for a six-year-old boy who is suffering brain tumors. Doctors present a bleak prognosis. Kathy Nemeh is not only asking for a healing, but is requesting from Mary that a special connection

 be made between the boy and his Heavenly Mother.

Louann Oatman, is one of at least two women who saw the light emanating from Kathy Nemeh’s scarf. Louann is not a Catholic, but has a grandson who is a priest. We anticipate some interesting discussions down the road.


Miracle Moment
Shelly Westerburg has several vision issues. Parasites finished off the left eye leaving it with no vision. That is until a Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service. Shelly was reading wall signs for us, and was even able to read print from a healing service flyer.

Issam Insights
Purity of the mind has been a recent favorite topic of Dr. Nemeh. Regardless of our actions, it is our intention that matters most to God. Without Dr. Nemeh’s purity of mind, these miracle stories don’t happen. It is a powerful lesson for any of us who desire a closer relationship with God. Other topics in this week’s podcast include…

  • The Christian sickness of ego
  • Is virtually all technology evil?
  • What happened to marriage?

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