Harleys & Convertibles – BFL 26


???????Miracle Moment – Burl Burdette and Ruth Vargo slowed down long enough to drive off with miracles.

Issam’s Insight – “The wrong way to pray.”???????????????????

2 thoughts on “Harleys & Convertibles – BFL 26

  1. I just listened to your interview with Ruth Vargo the lady with neuropathy…this awesome lady is my aunt…she lives in Ohio, I in Texas…she is priceless!! I want you to know that she is so so real! She has always had Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ….but a skeptic! So for her to say she is healed…she is healed…you could not pay her for this testimony, if it didn’t work she would say so! God Bless the man who does the healing, and God Bless him for giving my Aunt her freedom back…..Her favorite saying “Let’s go baby…let’s get moving.” My Aunt is still rock n’ rollin…with God and Mickey Mouse! Thank you guys so much for the interview and to Dr. Nemeh for healing this beautiful lady in the convertible.

    • DeAnna,
      I loved talking to your aunt. She is a hoot! With God and Mickey Mouse, she is a positive powerhouse! Thank you for adding to her miracle.

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