Healings Turn Suffering into Joy


Miracle Moment

Here are two cases where bad news is eventually perceived as heavenly blessings. In both instances, a disabling physical condition led to miracles that would open the mind, and develop a deeper spiritual connection to God.

Was it unlucky for Kristin Ferro to be in a car accident 16 years ago? The pain was bad and getting worse lately, and she was thinking she might need to try this attorney and see if she could get some legal aid. Many often suffer awful injuries after a car accident which can rack up high medical bills and cause additional stresses on top of the trauma of the injuries. This is why people go to a personal injury attorney springfield il, or one closer to home, to help them get these costs covered. Why? Well, unfortunately, these are often not affordable unless you have health insurance to back you up. Things like car accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone, so it’s important to ensure that you have valid health insurance for incidents like these, which you can find at places like Insurance Quotes. Kristin was unfortunate enough to still be feeling the ailments of her car accident years later but turned to religion for help. During her prayer with Dr. Issam Nemeh, Kristin felt him readjusting and shifting her stomach and hips to where they were before the accident. The pain is now gone. The experience has led to a closer relationship to Jesus.

What about Dean McKay? Surgery that went awry led to stroke like symptoms. Dean was now blind and the left side of his body was no longer working. Doctors gave the family virtually no hope that Dean would return to his former self. That’s when the prayers began from Dr. Issam Nemeh. Dean was seeing and moving his left arm and leg almost immediately. He too was beginning a new relationship with Christ.

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