Heaven and Earth Collide – BFL 106


BFL_HeavenEarthIt is where the miracles happen. It’s where the Jesus and Mary apparitions occur. It’s where you see your prayers being answered. Every time we pray, we are calling on heaven to descend to earth. To touch. This is where the impossible happens. This is also where we can become the miracle for somebody else. We can be the doorway for others to see Christ and to join us in an eternity of joy.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
How confused do you have to be to miss the boat? How disconnected from Jesus does somebody have to be to be stuck on this earth during the time of the antichrist? Will Christians actually be killing Christians? This is a bad time to still be confused about what you believe in and who you are following.

Miracle MomentDean Munger
Dean Munger witnessed his wife, Mary, receiving a phenomenal healing of her MS. Now it is Dean’s turn. Something very very teeny, but with huge pain, has suddenly disappeared with a prayer. No matter how many x-rays his doctors insist upon … it’s gone for good.

2 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth Collide – BFL 106

  1. Very nice podcast. Thanks for all you do. Very educational! Keep up the good work I am learning a lot. Who is the singer? Thanks to Dr. Nemeh & Kathy and you Philip for all you do. And thank God for using you all to help us learn more. Hugs & Kisses!!! Sharon

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