Holy Mary – Showering Us with Love and Healing – BFL 201


Holy Mary Showering Us with Love and Healing

Our Blessed Mother sent buckets of water into this podcast episode. It was one of her gentle nudges to one of our listeners. Thankfully, our listener is open to heavenly signs that will redirect her life. Is there someone you know that could use a similar nudge?

Comedian George Carlin was not so open to the spirit that was flowing from Philip Keller (Trapper Jack). In a recent interview on the ‘My Worst Interview Ever’ podcast, Philip tells the radio story of the day he felt justified to hang up on George Carlin. Yes, God and miracles played a role.

Issam Insights
Topics include…

  • Does healing ever get boring?
  • What is Dr. Nemeh lacking (according to Dr Nemeh)?

Miracle Moment
Holy Mary made quite a statement in the medical office of Dr. Issam Nemeh. Dania Nussbaumer watched in astonishment as her 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Kacy, stared at an icon of the Blessed Mother Mary. Kacy, legally blind, threw down to the floor her thick glasses. She has not needed them since. Kacy, born with many severe health issues, had never been able to walk. Suddenly, she was running down the hall of Dr. Nemeh’s office.

2 thoughts on “Holy Mary – Showering Us with Love and Healing – BFL 201

  1. My Friend is Blind
    I pray that he turns to the Lord.
    He is blind however my prayers have flickered done vision by the Grace of God.

  2. You, along with Dr. Nemeh, know the truth better than anyone. Writing a book would be a great service to our world, and you certainly have the talent and skills to do it!

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