Holy Spirit Dwells Only within Those Who Apply Their Faith – BFL 206


“I could love the Lord Jesus, but if I did not apply my Christianity in my daily life, which is the illness of this age, the Holy Spirit would not dwell within me.” — Dr. Issam Nemeh

Dr. Issam Nemeh discusses the attributes of love that invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. Acceptance of God’s will in our life is crucial.

Applying our Christian beliefs into our daily lives is also a necessity. The illness of this age is a lethargic Christianity.  If we do not apply our Christianity in our daily lives, the mind of God, communicated by the Holy Spirit, will not dwell within.

Miracle Moment
“I was on the floor last night in excruciating pain from my back,” stated Amanda Jokisch. A few weeks back, the spine of Amanda shifted. The result was pain. Lots of it. Fortunately, Amanda’s mom was coming to the Dr. Nemeh healing service and asked Amanda if she wanted to go, too. “I felt the bones moving, shifting and one of the bones popped right back into place,” said a smiling Amanda about her prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh. The pain was gone.

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