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Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh
Praying with no doubt is a great starting point. Add to that, knowing who God is and what He can do. When we think like God, our prayers become more powerful. How to pray effectively always revolves around the attributes of love.

Certainly, we don’t have to have the unshakable faith of Dr. Issam Nemeh in order to have prayers answered. However, seeing the miraculous repeat itself sends a strong message. This is a mindset from which we can learn.

For Dr. Nemeh, beginning the day praising His name is a must. Thanking God for all the blessings. And, the acceptance of God’s will in everything.

The examination of conscience is a constant. Continually re-evaluating everything that has been said or done that might be taken wrong. Is there something that needs to be corrected?

We hear about the saints proclaiming the necessity to always be in prayer. To do so, does not involve words. How to pray effectively involves feeling love for God and everyone around us.

Trust God. You can’t love somebody that you don’t trust. So many times we have heard Dr. Nemeh say, “I rehearse the worst, and put it in God’s hands.” That’s trust. That is love. And, it’s very effective prayer. Dr. Nemeh does not pray for himself. He trusts God that much. As I say, some of these prayer goals may feel very distant. Be sure not to allow the prayers to become mechanical. Our Father’s and Hail Mary’s can slip into meaningless words unless we are paying attention.

Have you ever bargained with God. “I will do A, if you do B.” Often it involves sacrifice, a ‘take the disease away from my child and give it to me’ mentality. It may be very effective … but it also shows a lack of knowing who God is.

3 thoughts on “How to Pray

  1. Thanks Jim. In large part, the answer is within this podcast episode. The short answer is… Are we serving only ourselves or are we serving the greater good of others by making our decision. Good, serves others. Evil, serves only myself.

  2. Great podcast! Very helpful.
    We surrender everything to Him and His will be done, always. And we also have to make decisions everyday, be it small ones and the big ones, how do we know that’s it’s His will or my will?
    Answer please.

  3. Very powerful message. Thank you!
    Interesting thoughts on God’s connection to animals and countries. HE made them all, so belonging to HIM why would we think all bases not covered?
    A portion of faith equal to the level of love required, as a sign of faith, seems impossible to achieve at times. To stay focused on God explained so uniquely, thank you.

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