I Just Want to be Your Everything – BFL 135


BFL_I Just Want to be Your EverythingI Just Want to be Your Everything

When we are connected to heaven, we see Jesus in the small moments as well as the big events of our daily life. The Andy Gibbs song, I Just Want to Be Your Everything, is spiritualized on this week’s podcast. Jesus is waiting and wanting to be our everything. When we let Him in, all things become possible. Philip Keller and Dr. Issam Nemeh discuss how seeing Jesus in all things, shifts our global view.

Issam Insights

Look at all the possibilities when we invite Jesus to be our everything. Different laws apply. We no longer abide by just the physical laws of this world. Prayers are answered. The invisible becomes visible. Evil is blocked. The supernatural becomes the norm.

Science says that we are using only 10% of our mind. What science has yet to understand is that the other 90% is attainable only through Jesus Christ. It is such a blessing to witness the truth here at Blind Faith Live.

Miracle MomentsDon and Philip

The power of our intention is highlighted here. Don and Gail Carlson brought a picture of a five-year old boy, a literal bubble-boy for years. Dr Nemeh prayed over the photo. And now, Mason is outside playing and riding a bike just like any other child his age.

In the other case, a name written on a piece of paper and Hollieplaced in the prayer basket led to a complete healing. A growth wrapped around the larynx of Hollie Kotwicki was suddenly gone.