I Wanted It My Way – BFL 192


On this week’s podcast, we highlight people who informed God about how they would like to get their miracle. They have all experienced the supernatural, and miracles. But, God did it, His Way!

Surrender is such an easy word to say, but such a challenging process for a Christian. This is true in day-to-day life as well as in receiving a healing. ‘C’mon God, just zap me back to good health!’ But it is in the letting go and allowing His will, that we become followers of Christ.

Miracle Moment
Bernie Kruer was determined to heal his fourth stage cancer of the tongue, throat, neck, and lymph nodes with supplements, a good attitude, and a healing prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh. The other stipulation in Bernie’s mind, was to receive no chemo or radiation. Have you ever tried to tell God your plans? Could you hear the laughter? Bernie is now cancer free, by doing it God’s way.

Miracle Moment 2
Carole Sutherland’s plan was to bypass surgery in battling ovarian cancer. But it was in surrendering to God’s will that Carol received multiple miracles and is now, also, cancer free. Even more special to Carole, is her rocketing faith that has left ‘lukewarm’ far below.

Issam Insights
Dr. Issam Nemeh tackles the topics of…

  • Does the pendulum of power ever swing back in favor of the fallen angels?
  • Our duality, mind and body.
  • The prayer basket. How are all those people getting their healings without even knowing that they are being prayed for?

5 thoughts on “I Wanted It My Way – BFL 192

  1. How heartbreaking for you to live through your teen years afraid to tell someone about something of which you had no control over. I think many of us don’t know what our children go through, because they do such a good job of hiding it. Thanks for raising the awareness. This is also a great episode to explain why some healings happen right away and some don’t. This is such an inspiring message to let God do it His way!

  2. Phillip, here is very important question. Can Holy Spirit dwell inside non-Christian person? The reason I am asking is because I met so many wonderful, warm and loving people who were not Christians. Sometime the feeling around them when talking to them is like very warm like being around Dr Nemeh, thank you

    • The Holy Spirit only dwells within those who have surrendered to Christ. However, the Holy Spirit can nudge and guide anyone seeking.

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