Imitating the Mercy of God


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehMercy of God

Dr. Nemeh discusses how he interacts with each person in a way that is designed specifically for that person. The patient feels the mercy of God flowing through Dr. Nemeh to their own spirit. How do we lift and inspire without telling someone what to do? Here is a tremendous primer for any of us who are hoping to improve relationships as a parent, a friend, or a spouse.

Love is Greater than Faith

Christians can be prejudiced against other faiths and denominations. They are missing one of the most important lessons of the Bible … The mercy of God. What does God do with people who have tons of love within them, but don’t get Jesus? What Christ did after his death on the cross leads us to a great understanding of the mercy of God. Christ continues to reveal himself to us, even after death.

Keeping Jesus in the Room

We should be feeling the connection, … and disconnection, with God during the course of a day. The more we recognize the difference, the more our spiritual switch stays on, and the more ‘lanes’ we add to our spiritual highway to God.

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