In or Out of the Beam? – BFL 119


In or Out of the BeamAre You Standing In or Out of the Beam?

Who gets kicked out of the house because he won’t go to church? I did. It was one of dad’s ‘under my roof’ rules. At age 19, I began my run away from Jesus, not realizing that His light was always on me.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Topics in this episode …
Why is Jesus healing even the nonbelievers?
What is the #1 thing that we don’t know or understand about Jesus?
How does Jesus save us, even after death?

Miracle Moment
The miraculous just doesn’t stop with Dorene Sweet. Dorene SweetBetween Dorene, her mom, and her sister, neuropathy, deformities and pulmonary fibrosis are now visible only in the rearview mirror.

2 thoughts on “In or Out of the Beam? – BFL 119

  1. Just what I needed to hear today ! I will pray and share it with those that will listen, hopefully.
    By His Grace, Deborah Wenger ( Not from America’s Funniest Home Videos)

  2. Dear Dr Issam Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh,

    I have been listening to every of your podcast and I really love your insight into Jesus.

    If only you can come to Singapore, you will be able to start a Christian revival.
    Singapore has only about 20% of Christians. What you do in US will change this part of the world to get people to believe in Jesus.

    I hope to see you one day in Singapore.
    please feel free to contact me if you do.
    Thank you.

    God bless
    Nicholas Lee

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