In the Beginning, the Nemehs


in the beginning, the nemehsMiracle Moment
Thousands of miracle stories could be told, but how were things in the beginning? How did the Nemeh healing ministry get started?. Dr. Issam Nemeh and his wife, Kathy, pray. Things happen. Miracles happen. Miracle prayers are being answered. Let’s take a look back through the history of this humble ministry.

Philip and Elizabeth Keller met Issam and Kathy Nemeh in January, 2000. Nothing has been the same sense. When you see lives being transformed in front of your very eyes, the obvious question is, why? What is different about their prayers versus mine? How is it that these two people have such powerful miracle prayers in their arsenal of reversing physical and spiritual weaknesses.

Looking Back
News media, Dr. Oz, and the author of Miracles Every Day, give us their take on the miracles surrounding the Nemehs.

The Healed
At the core of Blind Faith Live, are the miracle stories that prove to us that Jesus is still walking with us. The healings are God’s greatest manifestations of His love and truth. The miracles also tell us that the insights of Dr. Issam Nemeh should be listened to by all. You will hear just the tip of the mountain … a mountain of miracles. Real people telling us their real miracle stories.

6 thoughts on “In the Beginning, the Nemehs

  1. The Holy Spirit totally working miracles through these faithful servants.
    So glad to hear this particular podcast of how this all got started. The story Kathy told of the woman with the scar from surgery, just amazing! These people receiving these blessings have hearts so grateful. You can hear it in their voices.
    Philip, you are correct you cannot deny this.
    I love to listen intently to Dr Nemeh speak. When he expresses wisdom, an only he can voice, “the mind is the difference”. It brings to life a real truth that brings about such a hope, not of the earth. Thank you all, Dr Nemeh, Kathy, Philip, Elizabeth, and all that make this possible. The world needs to listen.

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