How Do I Know If the Holy Spirit Is Dwelling Within Me?

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Dr. Nemeh: The Holy Spirit is imparted upon the ones who have offered their life to the Lord. In the beginning, the Christians believed that the Holy Spirit was given to them as a gift. To help fortify their lives. They believed, they offered their lives and they became very active so they implemented their faith into their daily life. For us Christians today, the situation is a little different.
Today, Christianity is lukewarm. We believe that people will be going to heaven because of the mercy of the Lord. But, in order for us to experience the Holy Spirit, we have to be active. We must apply our faith to our daily life. So, that’s what it means to carry your cross and follow the Lord. Some will go on Holy Land tours booked over at this website, for example, so they can feel that connectivity to their Lord and the history of their religion.

Philip: Describe what happens when a person actually surrenders their life to Christ and what that means.

Dr. Nemeh: You surrender your whole life. You go into a special state of mind. A place of stillness. A stillness in the sense that you are just driven by what the Lord has predestined for you as part of His body. So, I am very still when I surrender to the Lord. I am depending fully on what God drives me to. Some offer their life temporarily, but in their mind, they are not really there all of the time.

Philip: Help them, because most people are there. Or, they wonder to themselves, okay, I think I’ve turned my life over to Christ, but have I. If I was really really tested, am I really there. Like you said, they’re kind of temporarily there, momentary. We’re looking for permanence in that.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes, many times they can turn back after the initial moment of inspiration. They often go back to their regular daily lives. Only a handful tend to dedicate themselves to bible studies and other learnings these days. However, this does not work. When I offer myself totally to the Lord, I see His hand in everything that I go through. On a daily basis. Moment to moment, actually. And that’s how we experience the dwelling of the Holy Spirit, because it starts working actively within you. And, the Holy Spirit is the mind of God communicated to you. So, the road is very narrow.

Philip: This is to help everyone build that 8-lane highway that most people listening want to do. If the Holy Spirit is dwelling within you, do you automatically know that the Holy Spirit is there based on experience, signs? So that it’s not just words.

Dr. Nemeh: Definitely. It’s physical in nature. You feel it physically. Based upon my own experiences, the spirit does connect me to my patients, and everyone I pray with. I will have a knowing that is infused in me about illnesses that they have or what is recovering during the time of the prayer. The Holy Spirit communicates these things to me. The Holy Spirit tells me to the degree of their connectedness to the Lord. It also tells me if anything is lacking within the individual. So I feel it physically. Literally, I feel it physically.

Philip: And these are experiences designed specifically for that individual? For example, with me and how the music plays in my head that we spiritualize for these episodes?

Dr. Nemeh: Let’s go deeper into that. It is very important to recognize how the Holy Spirit works. St. Paul said that he had all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So, it depends on the degree of our surrender and whether or not we apply it fully in our daily lives or not. So it is not restricted. The more surrendered you are, the more the spirit will dwell within you. And, there is a multitude of gifts that you can receive.

Philip: An individual could receive all the gifts?

Dr. Nemeh: Yes, progressively. Depending on how fast you can surrender. And let’s not forget what the apostle St. Paul described so beautifully, “I died, and Christ lives in me.” So, his physical will died completely meaning that the ego is almost nonexistent in there. Except for the things that effect the preservation of our life.

Philip: You mentioned how everyone has a different speed in this process, including me. I feel like a test case. We are four years into this podcast and I am finally getting the message, through this week’s music, that it is time to turn Blind Faith Live into a business. After four years of what sometimes seemed like floundering! That we will begin providing more services that are free to listeners as well as providing services that enable us to turn this into a business to provide a living for my family. The song that’s been playing in my head is from the soundtrack, ‘How to succeed in business without really trying.’ A beautiful sign that a business is about to be driven by the Holy Spirit. After four years of a labor of love, finally, we can begin providing for the family.

Dr. Nemeh: Well, look at me Philip. Over the years. Am I ‘still’ or what?

Philip: Yes you are. You should be all over the planet. You have more patience than anybody.

Dr. Nemeh: As we have said before, we have received many messages about this and I shared that with you in the past. It is going to go big. He is building up to such a level, that it cannot be quiet. And I recognize that from the number of calls and emails that we are getting. And, the healings are tremendous. I would say at least 98% of the people who come here.

Philip: As you have mentioned, sometimes the body is healed in order for the mind to be healed. Other times, because the mind is healed, the body gets healed. It goes both ways. We will be talking to Dr. Gary Klein, a Jewish doctor, who came to a healing service and was slain in the spirit during a prayer. It was so astounding for he and his wife that he kept seeking more information about Christianity. One prayer can be that powerful! Dr. Klein and his wife, Kim, have now been baptized into Christianity.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. But you see, deep inside, they were seeking. Otherwise he would not have come. They were open. Actually, it is not uncommon that it is more powerful for Jewish people. They are God’s people. They are open. That is my feeling based on the number of people I have treated. They are beautiful people. Like St. Paul put it “even for the sake of their forefathers and faithfulness of all the prophets.”

Philip: What is the Holy Spirit doing?

Dr. Nemeh: What happens is that the mind changes as they witness the healings in front of their eyes. Just changing the minds instantaneously is an opening for God to come and be in touch with them. The change of your mind results in more faith.

Philip: We are duality. Physical and spiritual. When someone is slain in the spirit, the spiritual overrides the physical. It is not a healing in itself but it sure sends a message.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. It is a grace from God. And the spirit does protect us and helps to give them a real understanding of the mysteries and all of that. It is a gift from God. It plays into the seeking that they are already experiencing. A deeper seeking. The Holy Spirit does that for us.

Philip: A remarkable process. The Holy Spirit is the biggest mystery of the trinity.

Dr. Nemeh: The Lord defined that for us. It is written that sin against the Father could be forgiven, Sin against the Son could be forgiven. Sin against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. That part clarified the Holy Spirit in my mind.

Philip: It confuses most people. But I always explain it this way. If you, Dr. Issam Nemeh, having the spirit dwell within you as it does, suddenly turned away and denied God and instead turned to Satan, that would be unforgivable. Because the Holy Spirit tells you that it is true. You would be denying the truth.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes. Because with the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, you begin having the knowledge of good. Here on this earth the first thing we learn is evil. This is the devil’s world. It is evil. This is their world. So when the Holy Spirit dwells within you you begin having the knowledge of good. And when you have knowledge of good, you have no excuse. But since we are still present on this earth, the blood of the lamb will wipe out our sins. Because of the nature of our physical being is subject to the fallen laws of this nature. So that is why the sacrifice of the Lord was a necessity. He forgives us our sins. Because when you have the Holy Spirit within you, you are always repentant. You always feel your defect and all of that. So being repentant automatically has you believing that the blood of the lamb wipes out our sins.

Philip: But if you truly have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, you can’t turn away can you?

Dr. Nemeh: There is no way. You cannot turn away from God if the Holy Spirit is truly dwelling within you.

Philip: So it’s almost like saying it is unforgivable to sin against the Holy Spirit while at the same time that would be actually impossible.

Dr. Nemeh: Yes, it is impossible. Find me one apostle that turned away from the Holy Spirit after having it dwell within them.

Philip: (laughter) What a great way to say it. Thank you, Dr Nemeh.

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