Issam’s Insight – “I Rehearse the Worst…”


“… And, put it in God’s hands.” That is howDr. Nemeh Dr. Issam Nemeh handles knowing that each day his family in Syria faces death. Bombs, dropped from the sky, have exploded around them. Car bombs have just missed them. Issam Nemeh accepts the will of God in all outcomes. Dr. Nemeh shows us how to get to his level of peace in Christ, regardless of the issues, … Or terror. With this kind of faith, God will continue to bless you and everyone around you.

4 thoughts on “Issam’s Insight – “I Rehearse the Worst…”

  1. Hi Philip, Its Nilda´s Sister from Venezuela. Through Nilda I started to listen every week to your episodes and also to the other programs. And they fill me and help me understand more and more.

    Thank you for doing so good job!!! God bless you.
    Kind Regards,

    PD: Please pray for our country Venezuela.

  2. Thank you Philip. This episode is a “motherlode” of insights. My heart “hears”, “surrender, trust, pray, know that you are loved and guided, and in the words of Hildegard,,, “all is well.” “The whole world is my family,” said Dr. Nemeh. What birth pains it is going through. God bless and have mercy on us all. More mercy, Lord. Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

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