Issam’s Insight – The Path to a Successful Resolution


We all know that willpower gets us only so far. Dr. Issam NemehSo what’s a better way? Dr. Issam Nemeh helps us tap into our spiritual side to help us with our physical needs.

What happens when during a healing prayer, someone is ‘resting in the spirit’? Does it mean that the person is being healed?

Should you ask God for a particular gift? Does that break the ‘be still’ rule? Plus, the day I watched oil pour out of the eyes and fingertips of Dr Issam Nemeh. What was that about? Why did Dr. Nemeh try to hide it?

2 thoughts on “Issam’s Insight – The Path to a Successful Resolution

  1. Thank you for addressing Falling in the Spirit. This is such an outright visible, and physical demonstration of the “WOW of God.”

  2. God’s gift to us Dr. Nemeh, Kathy & Family and Phillip Keller & Family.

    Thank You Phillip for your giving LIFE to your web page. We all love your work putting this all together.

    God Bless you!!!
    Doug & Family

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