Why a Jewish Doctor Became a Christian – BFL 202


BFL_Jewish Doctor Became a ChristianDr. Issam Nemeh, the physician of unshakable faith, looked out at the handful of individuals remaining at the Virginia healing service, “Is there anybody else who would like a prayer?” Dr. Gary Klein glanced at his wife, Kim. They gave each other a ‘why not’ look and headed up to receive their prayer from Dr. Nemeh. The next few moments for Gary and Kim, both Jewish, would change their lives forever (hint: Gary now teaches Christian Bible study).

Dr. Louis.Quiambao, close friend of Dr. Klein, has been dealing with the paralysis caused by an aortic dissection. Add to that a frozen shoulder and the most recent disorder, pancreatic cancer. Louis has received healing and is looking for more of the same. These two doctors, more like brothers than most brothers, share the story of the healing of the body, and more importantly the mind.

Issam Insights
The mysterious Holy Spirit is in the spotlight. An individual knows if the Holy Spirit dwells within. The experience is physical in nature. The Holy Spirit makes sure that you know that it is there. How do we ensure that we experience the Holy Spirit? By turning our lives over to Christ. Another example of cause and effect. No surrender. No experiences.    Read full transcript here

5 thoughts on “Why a Jewish Doctor Became a Christian – BFL 202

  1. This is so beautiful Philip how you guys make this conversation SO EASY to understand. One could have gone to Christian/Catholic school and would never learn even 10% of what you guys did on this podcast. great thank you

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  3. Philip,
    You out did yourself with this podcast! It was just outstanding my friend!
    I must have listened to it 8 times in a row. What a divine encounter of faith, Spiritually, that just goes on and on to settle within our hearts permanently. The focus of God’s love and healing beyond what we could even imagine. The physician, of true faith, Dr Nemeh, never underestimating God,brings to life this precious gift so generously. Thank you Dr Nemeh, Philip, Kathy, Beth, all who make these possible. The strength and courage revealed by such revelation is answered prayer, on earth. How does one begin to put these pieces of God’s grace together? To hear it first hand fills my heart to the top. Sharing this wonderful story just brings complete peace of mind. Thank you for these podcasts. Thank you so much for your obedience of God’s will in your lives that feed us all. May God bless each and everyone of you.
    Dr. Klien, Dr Quinambao thank you for your faith in the Son of God, and sharing for the world to see a God who truly sacrificed His only Son. Through Dr Nemeh and his unshakeable faith, just as Philip expresses it, makes the world a place we experience Heaven on earth.
    Thank you thank you BFL

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