Just a Name in a Prayer Basket


Miracle Moment – Pancreatic Cancer Healed
At a Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service, Carol Zore-Laurie placed into the prayer basket the name of a neighbor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The friend had been biopsied and scanned repeatedly. The result had always been the same. But new tests following the prayers from Dr. Issam Nemeh, now show that the cancer is gone. Carol’s friend is cancer free!

Carol Zore-Laurie, a nurse, also shares with us how she received her own miracle. A devastating fall, three and half years ago, resulted in debilitating injuries of the spine, left shoulder and left hip. Carol explains, as only a medical person can, how her body was physically transformed during prayers from Dr. Nemeh.

2 thoughts on “Just a Name in a Prayer Basket

  1. Can Dr. Nemeh please pray for my wife Ellen Mulvenna Valeriano. She was diagnosed with PANCAN last April 2016. Since then the cancer continues to grow despite multiple rounds of Chemotherapy. The cancer is now in the blood, the liver, the pancreas and the spleen. She is in excruciating pain all day long and every day. Now she is in the later stages of the disease and it appears earthly hopeless, but we always hope in Jesus and in heaven.
    She is only 58 years old with three children who are young adults , but will need her help as they all begin to have children of their own.
    Please pray for her.

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