Life and Death – BFL 155


Life and DeathDr. Sona Bhatnagar had just lost her husband in a motorcycle accident. Was she about to lose her 17-year-old son, Nachu, to bone cancer? His doctors gave him two months to live. This was a life-and-death struggle. A series of events led the mother and son to Dr. Nemeh’s office. Nachu would see Dr. Nemeh again over Skype. The most startling encounter of doctorLife and Death and patient involved a more supernatural event.

Life and Death Struggle
Was Dr. Issam Nemeh to play his usual role of assisting in the healing of the young man or to aid in Nachu’s transition to the afterlife?

Dr. Sona Bhatnagar’s website

Keeping It Real with Kathy Nemeh
Bright blue lights were flashing in the rearview mirror of Kathy Nemeh. The encounter with a Highway Patrol officer would be unforgettable.

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  1. Sonya said it all so well. This podcast is the highlight of my week and I hear that from so many people. Kathy needs to put her comedy on u-tube!

  2. Ditto to everything Sona said and a special thank you to Sona for sharing such a beautiful story with everyone…so uplifting!!!!!

  3. Dearest Dr. Nemeh, Kathy, and Philip: Thank you so much for posting this beautiful piece on Dr. Nemeh and Nachu. I loved the police story, Kathy. Made me laugh out loud. Philip, you have done such an amazing job with your deep voice, the music effects, and the way you presented everything. I am bowled over. YOU are amazing! Thank you.
    MUCH love to all of you. xxx Sona.

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